AWS Service Level Agreement you need for a price you can afford

AWS being the most common cloud destination, IT Svit has the most experience managing customer infrastructures on AWS. Our team works with all Amazon Web Services, from IaaS to Paas and SaaS products and features, and we can perform any operations there, as needed by your project. We provide these services under strict SLA and the price is much more affordable than working with AWS support or certified partners.

We have no service levels caps, so you don’t need service credits

When your business signs an SLA, defining the core metrics that define the effectiveness and fullness of the services delivered is paramount. Depending on these metrics you can have varying guaranteed service levels, as well as service caps and credits. IT Svit provides no service credits, as we set no service caps — we invest much effort into removing the sources of the issues, rather than dealing with their consequences.

Product support SLA for all our projects

IT Svit team prefers forming lasting long-term partnerships with our customers and signing a support SLA is crucial to this end. We support all the products we develop, should you require such help. We can hit the ground running on any stage of your product delivery — from MVP development and release to ongoing product updates and scaling to enterprise level. We ensure you can concentrate on your core business mission, while we handle IT operations.

Ready to start?

SLA is the fundamental component of any IT outsourcing contract. When you delegate a task to a third party, you want to make sure there are traceable metrics that highlight crucial performance parameters. You would also require precise explanations covering all the possible incident types, as well as a full listing of incident response times and clearly defined issue resolution procedures.

IT Svit SLA is unlike anything you would get from a common IT outsourcing company. We do not have service caps, so we resolve all the issues that happen monthly, without limiting the volumes of assistance. For this very reason, we do not provide service credits. Quite the contrary, we leverage the benefit of possessing an in-depth DevOps expertise to constantly assess and analyze the systems we run in order to highlight all the possible structural and operational bottlenecks that can hamper the efficiency of your IT operations and result in incidents. Thus said, we are able to identify the roots of the trouble and proactively remove them in order to minimize the number of incidents we have to process monthly.

This way, you get a polished IT infrastructure and predictable workflows with a minimal number of incidents, so each of our DevOps engineers can handle multiple projects — a win-win situation for both parties!

IT Svit SLA specifics

The final objective of IT Svit SLA is to form a reliable contract with our customers, which describes the services provided, the infrastructure components supported, the alerting and notification methods used, and the KPIs for each of our projects.

IT Svit has the following rights under SLA:

  • to demand the customer to follow the instructions and procedures we enact;
  • to demand the compensation for the corrections we had to do to fix the issues resulting from the intervention of third parties to the operations;
  • to select the project team composition and plan their work schedules ourselves.

Respectively, IT Svit has the responsibilities to:

  • guarantee timely processing and resolution of incidents and requests covered by this SLA
  • achieve the service KPIs depicted below and ensure stable operations of covered services
  • employ third parties if it is needed to provide the services covered by this SLA

The customers have the following right:

  • to monitor the process of service delivery in a way that does not impede the team’s productivity

Respectively, the customers have the following responsibilities:

  • to provide all the documentation and login details required for service delivery
  • to issue tickets regarding any incidents they encounter or requests they want to make

System components covered by service level agreement from IT Svit

While every business DNA is different and almost each cloud infrastructure is unique, they are all built with similar building blocks: code repositories, file storages, databases, server instances, Docker containers, etc. Below is the list of common system components and tools covered by IT Svit SLA, all of which can be used for both staging and production servers.

  • Cloud platform or bare-metal servers (AWS, GCP, DO, Azure, OpenStack, OpenShift, etc)
  • Container management services (EKS, GKE, ECS, etc)
  • Virtual machine instances (Amazon EC2, Google Compute Engine, etc)
  • File storage (Amazon S3, Google Storage Buckets, etc)
  • SSH key management tools
  • Virtual Private Clouds (Amazon VPC, Google VPC, etc)
  • VPN instances
  • NAT instances
  • API connectors
  • Web or mobile apps
  • Databases (Amazon RDS, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra, etc)
  • Docker Registry for images
  • Jenkins cron jobs for infrastructure management tasks
  • Monitoring tools (ELK stack, Prometheus & Grafana, Splunk, SumoLogic, etc)
  • Nginx ingress controllers
  • TLS/SSL certificate managers
  • HashiCorp Vault for secrets storage
  • Code repositories and CI/CD tools (GitHub, GitLab, Circle CI, Gitlab CI, etc)

This list covers the basic components that can be found in nearly any infrastructure. The remainder depends on your project specifics. IT Svit works with a huge variety of open-source and vendor-specific tools to build and support cost-efficient, scalable, reliable infrastructures.

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