Reliable web development services from IT Svit

User-friendly and always accessible customer-facing mobile or web applications are a must for any UK business that processes online requests from its customers. This requires good mobile and web development skills, as well as a good knowledge of software development best practices. IT Svit is a reliable European IT outsourcing company with 10+ years of web development expertise. We can help your business design, build and run great products using a wide range of programming languages, frameworks and cloud tools!

Web development for various platforms

There are more and more mobile users year over year and so the need for mobile and web apps steadily grows. Every business that wants to be customer-oriented must provide web access to their products and services to be available 24/7 from any mobile platform and OS imaginable. IT Svit has the experience, technology and processes required to deliver responsive, intuitive and user-friendly design for your web applications and satisfy the requirements of your users.

Global expertise with European R&D

IT Svit has proven expertise and worldwide renown as a reliable IT service partner with deep web development consulting knowledge. We are headquartered in New York City and have an R&D center in Ukraine that allows us to provide cost-efficient and reliable services and deliver visually stunning and highly performant web applications with intuitive design. We can help with all web development stages — from MVP development to ongoing product support and updates.

Ready to start?

It is obvious that your company has to make use of some in-depth expertise and a thorough understanding of web development best practices in order to deliver a high-quality user-friendly product that will engage your audience and turn visitors into long-term brand advocates. However, while many startups have incredible ideas, the expertise required to deliver truly fascinating web products is scarce on the market, and if you don’t obtain one — the risk of becoming one of the 90% of failures is immense.

This is why many startups decide to tap into a pool of skilled talents provided by reputable web development outsourcing companies like IT Svit. 10+ years of expertise in delivering web development services, hundreds of triumphantly completed projects, a thorough understanding of the software delivery best practices — all of this is needed to develop web products that have the extra “Wow!” effect, the web applications your audience will love using.

Yes, there are thousands of web development agencies around the globe that can help build web apps in dozens of programming languages, using a multitude of frameworks and tools, cloud-native and standalone solutions, etc. However, these agencies usually have to operate on limited budgets and you risk receiving a solution that is hamstrung by deployment destination or workflows or cannot scale well due to some architecture flaws — so you will have to rebuild it later. This can suit products that have a low life expectancy, but if you expect to provide your services long-term, you should build your web platform correctly from the very start.

IT Svit has a huge advantage over these companies, though — web development is but a first step of the way, and we provide the full cycle of services for startups. We can onboard the project at any stage and help with the MVP development, product release and ongoing feature updates, continuous product improvement and infrastructure management. If you want to benefit from a partnership with a Managed Services Provider that can enable new services once you need them and grow the support package along with your project — IT Svit would be the right choice.

We have gained significant expertise with multiple programming languages and frameworks, as well as accompanying services used in full-stack web development and ongoing infrastructure management:

  • PHP/Laravel
  • Node.js/React.js/Vue.js
  • Python/Django/Flask
  • Angular.JS and JavaScript
  • Cloud-based software development tools like Google App Engine, AWS Code Pipeline, etc.


In addition, IT Svit is one of the leading IT outsourcing companies for DevOps services, according to a reputable global technology consultancy agency Clutch from Washington, D.C. Our ample DevOps expertise helps design both the software and the infrastructure for it efficiently, using microservices and serverless computing, RESTful API calls for simple integration with third-party tools, etc, and ensure your web application runs securely, scales easily and performs predictably.

European R&D expertise for your UK business

IT Svit headquarters are in New York City, which enables us to provide reliable managed IT services for startups and small-to-medium enterprises from the Big Apple, LA, Frisco, Boston area and other IT hubs in the US. However, our R&D center is located in Kharkiv, Ukraine, which makes it very convenient for our European customers, as our time zones and working hours mostly overlap.

Over more than 10 years of delivering web development services, IT Svit has built significant expertise in the following areas:

  • responsive UI/UX design
  • MVP development
  • CRM/HRM development
  • cryptocurrency tools development
  • eCommerce platform development
  • blockchain applications
  • CMS development and integration
  • Big Data solutions
  • cloud infrastructure management
  • Monitoring, alerting and logging systems
  • CI/CD implementation, etc.

We have a considerable expertise in all areas of web development services and are ready to assist your business with it. Contact us for a free consultation and we will help your project succeed!

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