Reliable nearshoring dedicated teams from IT Svit

Every UK business can benefit from delegating various aspects of its operations to skilled nearshoring dedicated teams. This way you get instant access to a pool of skilled professionals that might not be available in your local area, while concentrating on your core business expertise, to enable a competitive edge for your company. IT Svit can help with any aspect of IT operations, as we field multiple dedicated teams with strong R&D expertise.

Empower your business by working with dedicated teams!

The main benefits of working with a dedicated team involve the cohesiveness of their team composition, the broad variety of their toolset and the polished workflows and ready solutions they use. When a team completes dozens of projects every year, certain best practices and patterns emerge that can be easily reused and a wide range of tools is mastered, so that the best configuration can be selected for your unique project. This helps greatly reduce the time-to-market for new product features and increase the cost-efficiency of daily IT operations!

Long-term partnership grounded on professionalism and respect

One of the biggest concerns of any UK business that decides to outsource some aspects of their operations is whether the services will be delivered on time. Due to our in-depth expertise with providing IT services under a dedicated team model, we are able to form correct estimates and deliver the required results on time. We can onboard at any project stage and conclude it successfully, growing along with your business needs. Many of our customers turn one-time projects into long-term partnerships, and we never disappoint!

Ready to start?

IT outsourcing and nearshoring is old news for the UK businesses and many have already experienced the benefits — and risks — of this approach. Thus said, finding a reliable contractor can make all the difference between making or breaking the project, gaining a competitive edge or paying huge bills with no positive outcomes.

Thus said, UK businesses can follow one of the three most popular approaches to obtaining dedicated software development expertise:

  • One might try to hire such talent locally to work in the office full-time. This approach seems the most reliable, yet it takes the most time and involves the most expenses and risks. You have to pay wages to a recruiter and HR manager who will find the talent and engage them to join your team; you will have to pay for their workplace and other office expenses — from lighting and new chairs to tea and cookies.

    Besides, this approach bears all the risk of standard in-house recruitment — the project is on pause while the specialist is ill, on sick leave or on vacation — and can crash ultimately if your employee decides to leave for good.

  • To avoid these expenses and risks, many companies try to hire IT specialists via freelancing websites like Fiverr or Upwork. This helps avoid paying for office space and appliances but introduces lots of risks due to the complexity of remote control of the specialist’s work and inability to check its quality.
    In addition, there is a sad tendency when freelancers overestimate their skills and find out they are out of their depth only amidst the project. This can also lead to lost time, efforts, investments and product downtime.
  • This is why the best variant to get dedicated IT services is contacting a renowned Managed Services Provider like IT Svit. Our teams have ample experience with various components of software development and infrastructure management, so we can address a wide range of issues and deliver working solutions quickly and effortlessly.

    Our dedicated team will seamlessly interact with your in-house employees due to working in your task tracking tool, using your preferred messenger for communication and reporting daily on the progress, so you will always be keeping your hand on the pulse of the project without diverting too much attention from other business processes.

Why dedicated team services from IT Svit are good?

Here is a list of 4 compelling reasons why your business will benefit from working with IT Svit dedicated teams:

  • We have cohesive teams with clear roles and deep expertise. As we are a Managed Services Provider, we constantly work on a wide range of projects for customers worldwide, so we are able to house a wide selection of specialists and quickly form teams needed to accomplish your unique project.

    We provide full-stack software development with PHP/Laravel and Python/Django/Flask, Javascript/Node.js/React.js/Vue.js. We provide DevOps services and cloud infrastructure management for AWS and GCP using Terraform and Kubernetes, Docker/Jenkins/Ansible, etc. We can form teams of any size to meet your specific project demands.

  • We have well-polished processes. Our personnel includes skilled Project Managers and Team Leads, who have successfully accomplished dozens of projects and know how to implement the best software delivery techniques for every particular kind of tasks. This allows us to estimate the time frames quickly, delegate the tasks correctly and deliver the expected results on time and under budget. Due to daily reports and weekly sync calls, you will be informed on all the details of your project delivery, while not spending too much time managing every little aspect of it.
  • We have working solutions. While every project is unique, there are common parts in all of them and over 14 years of providing IT services we have worked out the best solutions for most common challenges. It allows us to significantly reduce the time-to-market for your product instead of reinventing the wheel every time.
  • We cover all the aspects of IT services. IT Svit does not simply accomplish the tasks. We plan and implement end-to-end systems that deliver value for your business from the get-go. Deep software development expertise, CI/CD configuration for automating the software delivery routine, building resilient and scalable infrastructures, configuring in-depth monitoring and smart alerting in production — IT Svit can ensure you are on the safe side.

If you want to avoid the risks and minimize the effort required to successfully run your IT systems — delegate these tasks to dedicated teams from IT Svit!

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