Site Reliability Engineering for UK businesses

Site reliability engineering or SRE is a methodology of managing cloud systems the way the developers manage the software development routine, through automation and codification of operations. This allows preparing ready scenarios for various real-life situations so that you can rest assured your cloud systems perform at full power at all times. IT Svit has ample SRE expertise and can help your business ensure swift and hassle-free cloud operations.

Cloud infrastructure optimization for high-availability

In order to ensure the high-availability of your products and services the cloud infrastructure you use to run them must scale easily and be very manageable. This requires some solid understanding of SRE best practices and DevOps principles behind them. IT Svit can provide this expertise and help UK businesses ensure the high-availability of their back-end operations and customer-facing systems.

Solutions for performance bottlenecks

Running the products or services at scale can sometimes encounter structural or system design drawbacks that could not have been predicted. If left unchecked, these flaws can result in major system failures and downtime. SRE experts from IT Svit can assess your cloud infrastructure systems, highlight possible bottlenecks and design flaws, and provide solutions for these challenges!

Ready to start?

On-demand availability is one of the main benefits of the cloud, as it ensures cost-efficiency and performance for your IT operations. If your business generates 80% of its revenues throughout one hour in the evening, your infrastructure must be able to handle this workload. However, with a cluster of dedicated servers or a bunch of virtual machines, you would be forced to rent some excess to provide for the peak traffic.

Quite the contrary, cloud platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Digital Ocean, IBM and others offer high availability and scalability of their services. The resources there are provisioned in virtual machines called instances and these instances are highly adjustable. They can be configured to automatically scale both vertically — by adding more resources to a single instance and horizontally — by adding more instances to your account when needed.

However, none of these cloud platforms can ensure your resources are allocated truly cost-efficiently. You can configure your IT systems to scale up and down on certain hours and dates or based on certain triggers — but you cannot address all possible issues through the cloud vendor’s dashboard and some in-depth DevOps expertise is needed.

This is exactly what SRE  is intended to solve. Site Reliability Engineering is a set of workflows, tools and practices ensuring your IT infrastructure works flawlessly under heavy workloads and cloud computing resources are allocated cost-efficiently. It is obviously very useful for every UK business that wants to provide uninterrupted positive end-user experience and maximize the value delivery of its systems. Unfortunately, highly-skilled SRE specialists are quite hard to find outside of Managed Services Providers, like IT Svit team.

How can SRE help your business?

A good site reliability engineer has a thorough understanding of both the basic principles and the advanced techniques of software delivery and cloud infrastructure management. This expertise helps SRE talents build CI/CD pipelines, where certain tools are configured correctly to turn the output of one operation into the input of the next operation. 

Therefore, site reliability engineers can pre-configure various scenarios to address any kind of situations, and codify the sequences of actions to be taken by your systems to respond to these situations. This helps ensure an uninterrupted software delivery process and minimize the time-to-market and effort required to deliver new product features.

On the other hand, CI/CD pipelines can help with automating multiple aspects of cloud infrastructure management:

  • App containerization and management
  • Database replication
  • Backup&restoration automation
  • Load balancing and high-availability
  • Automated scaling groups
  • Self-governed Kubernetes clusters, etc.

IT Svit fields a team of experienced SRE and DevOps engineers, who can design, implement and manage any cloud infrastructure and/or workflow your business might need. We would be happy to answer any questions on SRE and can assist you with any DevOps-related projects or tasks. Contact us today and get value at once!

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