Reliable IaaS solutions from IT Svit

Managed IaaS solutions are a very widespread approach to outsourcing of IT services. IaaS company manages and configures the cloud computing resources of AWS, GCP or any other cloud provider, so the customer receives a stable system performance. IT Svit helps configure data storage, networking, scaling, load balancing and other cloud features required for your IT operations.

We manage IaaS projects cost-efficiently

Cloud platform management requires learning lots of little details regarding interdependencies between various cloud-based services, tools and products. The businesses can either gain this expertise internally, through learning the cloud platform’s knowledge base and guidelines or tap directly into the skill pool of professionals. IT Svit provides skilled DevOps engineers who configure cost-efficient IaaS solutions for your business.

IT Svit provides infrastructure optimization services

Your business can make do with any cloud infrastructure, but to get the best ROI you need to make sure your cloud infrastructure is optimized and performs well. IT Svit has done a fair share of cloud system optimization projects in the past and this is one of our core areas of expertise. We audit the systems and workflows you use, highlight the performance bottlenecks, plan and implement the solutions — so you get a performant, resilient and manageable cloud infrastructure.

Ready to start?

Startups want to make the world a better place by introducing their products and services — and earn some cash along the way. They have to be lean and frugal in order to be competitive, as the budgets are usually quite limited. Cost-efficiency of cloud infrastructure operations is paramount, as it affects your general business performance and the bottom line directly. Naturally, many startups search for aid in making their IT operations cost-efficient.

This makes the need for skilled DevOps services quite obvious, and many companies try to hire such specialists in-house. However, unless your company is located in a big IT hub like London and has a big budget, it is highly unlikely you will be able to hire skilled DevOps expertise for IaaS management with ease. However, replacing an in-house specialist with a freelancer can be quite risky, due to high degree of unpredictability of freelancer services.

On the other hand, really skilled DevOps engineers don’t want to work for a single startup or small-to-medium enterprise for a prolonged time. In order to remain competitive and evolve as professionals, they have to constantly study new tech and learn to work with new DevOps tools, as well as mastering the most efficient infrastructure management practices. It is nearly impossible to do when you are working for years on the same project for the same company with rigid project requirements. In addition, this requires paying for these cloud services and tools, so it cannot be done in free time, as cloud infrastructure is not free to use.

This is why DevOps engineers prefer to work for Managed Services Providers like IT Svit, who offer them a huge variety of projects to partake. This way they can master the latest tech and obtain new skills as a part of their work, and you receive top-notch cloud solutions uniquely fit to meet your project requirements. They learn to constantly improve the designs of the systems they build, implement secure access, auto-scaling, smart load balancing, Big Data analytics, self-healing infrastructures and much, much more.

UK businesses can benefit from this approach as they get instant access to skilled and motivated DevOps teams with ample experience in providing Infrastructure-as-a-Service management. This way the startups benefit by future-proofing their infrastructure and systems and DevOps engineers get endless opportunities to improve their skills by accomplishing a large variety of projects quickly.

Therefore, partnership with an IaaS company like IT Svit is a great choice for any startup that wants to ensure its cloud infrastructure and workflows are cost-efficient, secure and reliable.

Roadmap of an Infrastructure-as-a-Service strategy

This is the workflow IT Svit follows when delivering our IaaS projects:

  • Evaluating project requirements. IT Svit cloud architects and Project Managers discuss the requirements of your project, so we can see what you WANT to be done and what we MUST do to deliver the expected results.
  • Planning the SoW and defining a roadmap. The IaaS company specifies the scope of work, the milestones and the time frames of a cloud management project roadmap. We select the most convenient task tracking tools, reporting systems and communication channels for our teams.
  • Performing a pilot and applying the feedback. IT Svit team builds a pilot infrastructure to test if our workflows deliver the results you expect. If some adjustments are needed, we apply them to ensure the infrastructure meets your expectations.
  • Implementing the full scope of work. We plan, build and configure the infrastructure and process required to accomplish your project, using both cloud-based web services and open-source tools like Kubernetes, Terraform, Jenkins, Ansible, etc.
  • Monitoring, optimization and management. IT Svit DevOps engineers can perform in-depth monitoring and optimization of any infrastructures, both the ones we built and the ones we started managing on the go. We ensure your infrastructure components are secure, fault-tolerant, scale well, and can be adjusted with ease should the need arise.
  • Updating your infrastructure on request. As the business grows, your needs can adjust and the need for new features arise. IT Svit team can handle these tasks and update your infrastructure configuration to make your systems competitive and cost-efficient.

IT Svit team has accomplished more than 200 projects over the span of 5+ years of providing IaaS solutions. We have encountered the most common challenges of infrastructure management and have ready solutions for most of them. This enables us to solve these typical tasks quickly and provide uninterrupted DevOps services to our customers, so your IT operations are safe and sound.

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