IT Svit provides DevOps transformation to support your innovation

Cost-efficient resource allocation is the ground for innovation and success, as a dollar saved is a dollar earned, the money you can reinvest to gain even more. DevOps transformation is currently the best approach to software delivery and it is definitely an endeavor worth investing your effort in. IT Svit has helped businesses from various industries undergo DevOps transformation and bolster the pace of their innovation.

DevOps culture of collaboration fosters productivity

The first step to DevOps transformation is restructuring your business culture to foster communication and collaboration between your teams. This helps to remove the silos of tasks, skills and responsibilities and align the goals of all team members to help the company reach its business objectives. This increases business productivity immensely, as compared to Waterfall project management.

DevOps approach helps use the latest tech efficiently

Cloud platforms are where all the latest technology works. If you want to future-proof your business and enable the latest technological capabilities for your customers, your product or services need to be able to operate this technology and integrate it with the existing functionality. DevOps approach ensures you have the skills and workflows required to utilize the latest advances of cloud technology efficiently and make them work for your business.

Ready to start?

DevOps has long since stopped being simply a buzzword. For a decade it was and remains to be the most efficient approach to software delivery and infrastructure management. However, as the investments into legacy infrastructure were humongous, many businesses still prefer to run their systems in an old-fashioned way. Nevertheless, nimble startups are able to compete with these mastodons — and outperform them — due to using DevOps services.

This has lead to an ever-increasing interest in DevOps transformation from UK SMEs and global enterprises, who now have to seek for ways to revise their approaches to the business if they want to stay competitive on the global market.

However, UK businesses that want to undergo a DevOps transformation have to face some daunting challenges:

  • IT department is quite often the cost center of any business
  • IT team has to run the legacy infrastructure that slows or disables any innovation
  • There are nearly no unemployed DevOps experts available on the UK market

This is exactly why many UK businesses are looking for overseas help with their DevOps transformation, which might be the case with you. We are glad to offer you IT Svit services — an efficient approach to DevOps transformation from a reputable Managed Services Provider. We house 65+ software engineers with ample DevOps expertise and can field multiple dedicated teams that will help you reach the business objectives set.

Benefits of working with DevOps teams from IT Svit

IT Svit is an experienced IT outsourcing and managed Services Provider, and we possess the expertise required to solve all the three challenges mentioned above:

  • We have ample DevOps expertise and hands-on experience with running the software development and cloud infrastructure management projects for our customers
  • We can redesign and improve the workflows for running your products and services in order to remove the bottlenecks deriving from the legacy infrastructure and enable innovation
  • Dedicated DevOps teams cost much less, as compared to in-house specialists while possessing sufficient skills to deliver the expected results.

What can dedicated DevOps teams from IT Svit do for your business?

  • Assessment of your infrastructure and processes
  • Designing the new cloud solution that will not have the legacy system’s flaws
  • Building this new infrastructure at the most fitting cloud platform
  • Implementing the CI/CD pipelines for automation of routine operations
  • Ensure scalability, security and high-availability of your new systems

Results of DevOps transformation

  • Your data and applications will run in the cloud to ensure optimal resource allocation
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipelines help reduce the complexity of software development and cloud infrastructure management
  • Workflow automation ensures your team can concentrate effort on delivering value to customers, instead of dealing with repetitive tasks manually
  • We implement DevOps principles and best practices to help your team master their new tools quickly and use them efficiently
  • We introduce the required DevOps culture of collaboration, so your Dev and Ops team align their efforts and help the whole business become more productive and innovative

Start your DevOps transformation today!

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