Reliable Docker container management services for your business

Docker containers are the best approach for ensuring cost-efficiency and resilience under heavy workloads for your applications. However, to configure and run containers efficiently, you must use specialized Docker container management software like Kubernetes, Docker Swarm or Rancher. IT Svit provides Docker container management services to help your business ensure seamless updates and secure operations for your applications.

Container management and configuration with AWS

As AWS serves nearly half of all cloud customers worldwide, it is the most popular choice for container management and app containerization. Due to working with Amazon Web Services for nearly 5+ years, IT Svit team has rich AWS container management experience using Docker Swarm, Kubernetes or AWS features like Fargate and ECS. We leverage the benefits of AWS systems to build scalable, reliable and secure cloud infrastructures for your apps.

Building and managing Docker images

Docker Engine includes the Docker Registry with millions of Docker Images and the tools required to build and manage the containers using these images. While there is an in-depth knowledge base on the basics of container management, but to ensure everything is done cost-efficiently, you must be aware of a hundred finer details, and this knowledge can be obtained only while doing live projects. IT Svit provides this expertise to our customers!

Container management using Kubernetes cluster

Kubernetes, the industry-leading tool for Docker container configuration, can provide incalculable business benefits to every company — from the ease of container management to security and transparency of operations. However, a correct Kubernetes cluster configuration is a must to ensure success of this endeavor, and this is not so easily done. IT Svit can help you out, as we have successfully accomplished more than 200 projects involving Kubernetes installation, configuration and container management.

Ready to start?

IT Svit team has a profound understanding and rich-hands-on experience with Docker container management using Terraform infrastructure orchestration, Kubernetes configuration management, Docker Engine tools, Ansible playbooks, Jenkins workers and cloud-specific tools. We deliver app containerization services for our customers to ensure security, traceability and configurability of your IT operations.

Docker container orchestration provides several tangible benefits for your business:

  • containers are more resource-efficient than virtual machines, as they can run 300% more applications on the same number of hardware resources, as compared to virtual machines.
  • the monolithic app that is split into microservices running in standalone containers is much more secure, scalable and easy to monitor.
  • the load balancing becomes much easier with microservices, as different parts of your application can scale up and down independently, meaning your IT operations are as cost-efficient as possible.

IT Svit team has wide expertise with various Docker container management software like Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Mesos/Marathon or Rancher. We can help manage and optimize these solutions to help your business reach the objectives set.

AWS container management delivered by skilled DevOps engineers

IT Svit team works with AWS systems for 5+ years and we have amassed a large number of ready CI/CD solutions, container management best practices and in-depth knowledge of various aspects of IT workflows in the cloud. Thus said, we know how to manage Docker containers in production environments using Amazon web services and features like ECS and Fargate. We can also use open-source container management tools we build reliable and easy-to-manage cloud solutions that save our customers time and money while providing a competitive edge for their businesses.

Many businesses want to receive top-notch container management services and they delegate this task to AWS support engineers or their certified partners. However, working with AWS you are just a ticket number in a nearly endless queue, and it is more likely to wait for 4 hours than get your request solved in 15 minutes — and you are still covered by SLA. At the same time, services of certified AWS partners cost lots of money, so this can be not the most cost-efficient approach. In addition, both of these approaches can lead to using mostly AWS-specific cloud components, which will lead to vendor lock-in — and every business wants to avoid such a situation.

On the other hand, IT Svit houses a team of experienced DevOps professionals with 5+ years of DevOps expertise that excel at Docker container management. We assure you that we have a thorough understanding of how to design and build AWS infrastructure best and enable reliable, transparent and cost-efficient management of containerized apps. We use mostly open-source apps and design modular, highly flexible infrastructures that can be easily adjusted or moved to another cloud service provider, thus avoiding vendor lock-in.

If you are a UK business in need of reliable Docker container management services — contact the IT Svit team, we are glad to assist!

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