IT Svit delivers AWS Managed Services to help your business perform better

Configuration of Amazon web services on your own accord can require exorbitant amounts of time and effort. This is why many companies prefer to engage external expertise — from freelancers, Managed Services Providers like IT Svit or from AWS technical support to get instant access to a pool of qualified professionals. We ensure you that working with IT Svit is the most cost-efficient solution without any compromise on quality!

Leverage all the cloud benefits without looking under the hood

We know what AWS features are needed to enable the functionality your project demands, so you can cut on expenses while receiving scalable, flexible and easy-to-manage infrastructure. IT Svit DevOps team has an in-depth understanding of all the peculiarities of Amazon Web Services, so your business can leverage our expert knowledge without the need for long recruitment and hiring of a DevOps talent for your internal team.

Prevent vendor lock-in while getting the most out of your cloud systems

AWS builds its products and services to work flawlessly as a part of a single package. However, building your cloud infrastructure using only AWS components is a direct way to vendor lock-in, and you would not be able to move away or adjust your systems easily in the future. Quite the contrary, working with an IT outsourcing provider like IT Svit means using open-source alternatives to replace Amazon web services wherever possible. This results in modular, adjustable and resilient infrastructure for your IT operations.

Ready to start?

As AWS currently serves nearly half of all cloud users, AWS managed services are extremely popular and in constant high demand. The reason for this situation lies in the fact that Amazon web services are not as easy to configure and run as one would expect — and many businesses discover they end up paying more, not less after their transition to AWS cloud. Therefore, configuring everything correctly from the get-go is quite hard to do. Keep in mind that these services are designed to work in packages, while some of their functionality can be not required for your current project, so you risk paying for the features you do not actually need.

Due to all the above, businesses can easily find themselves out of their depth when trying to manage AWS infrastructure using their in-house specialists. Hiring IT outsourcing DevOps teams from Managed Services Providers like IT Svit can be a lifesaver, as we can solve any challenges your business faces and manage your AWS infrastructure in the most cost-efficient way.

Working with IT Svit, your UK company will get the following business and technical benefits:

  • Shorter time-to-market for your product and service updates, due to automation of routine operations
  • Cost-efficient AWS operations, due to using only the essential Amazon Web Services and replacing the rest with open-source alternatives
  • Service continuity and optimal resource allocation, due to building fault-tolerant, highly-performing and resilient cloud infrastructures
  • Integration of AWS systems with third-party modules you use to reduce the operational overhead and spending

AWS power delivered to you by IT Svit

IT Svit has ample experience with providing all sorts of assistance with various AWS-based tools and processes:

  • Planning and building AWS cloud infrastructure — our cloud architects will design and configure the most useful and best-performing cloud systems meeting your project requirements
  • Implementing AWS cloud automation solutions — we use Kubernetes manifests along with Jenkins workers and Ansible playbooks to deliver error-free cloud infrastructure updates
  • Infrastructure as Code — we configure the deployment and configuration of our infrastructures using Terraform manifests to ensure reproducibility and continuity
  • Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery — we automate all the repetitive steps in the software delivery process to help minimize the time and effort required to turn a new code commit into a new application version and ensure a positive experience for your end-users.
  • Load balancing and scalability — we ensure optimal load balancing and resource allocation through employing auto-scaling groups of Kubernetes nodes and Amazon Load Balancer
  • Smart alerting, monitoring and logging — we configure Amazon CloudWatch Logs and Metrics to help you keep a hand on the pulse of your business

If you need assistance with the cost-efficient configuration of various AWS features and products — IT Svit can help configure everything to ensure optimal performance, security and traceability of your AWS cloud operations.

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