External database support for UK businesses

If you are a UK business in search of a reliable external database support services, IT Svit is exactly the partner you were looking for. When your business begins to grow rapidly, the volume and velocity of incoming data grow tenfold, and your in-house IT team might lack the experience required to adjust or rebuild your IT systems to support the increased workloads. IT Svit provides remote database support to help your business accomplish complex tasks and handle heavy workloads.

Upgrades and migrations for your databases

Customer infrastructures are quite commonly running outdated database versions, mostly due to these systems working with some custom modules and nobody wants to fix what is not broken. However, increased workloads might require moving your operations to the cloud, and this might demand a database version update to be compatible with other cloud systems. In some cases, a migration to a whole new database platform might be needed. IT Svit can help your business handle all kinds of database upgrades and migrations to fully leverage the benefits of the cloud.

IT Svit provides remote database administration

Database administration is quite a periodic task, where major adjustments are quite seldom. However, to ensure these adjustments are efficient and your databases can operate reliably without relentless manual monitoring, you must engage experienced DBAs, who will optimize database performance on each step of your workflows. IT Svit is glad to provide remote database administration services to optimize the performance of your IT operations.

Ready to start?

When your database administrators work on the same project for years, they can learn every aspect of it and feel comfortable within their scope of responsibilities. However, when a business enters the rapid growth stage, your team faces the challenges previously unknown to them. Solving those challenges requires experience with the accomplishment of similar tasks, and this expertise is not so simple to obtain.

For example, GDPR requires the data kept in your databases to be stored securely, easily obtained on the user’s request and deleted without traces. Not all databases support such capabilities out of the box and enabling such features requires an experience that cannot be obtained by merely ensuring database uptime for years.

Thus said, skilled DBAs are rarely found employed in small companies with legacy projects. They are mostly employed by Managed Service Providers like IT Svit for a couple of compelling reasons:

  • While working for an IT outsourcing company, a DBA has access to a wide variety of database support and administration projects, and each of them takes a relatively short time to be completed. This way a specialist can gain immense experience with database updates, migrations, optimization and other tasks for a wide variety of databases along with mastering other tools like cloud system monitoring solutions.
  • As every project is unique, working on them provides immense amounts of experience and use cases of various third-party integrations and database optimizations. While some of these modules cannot be repeated for other databases, their business logic can be reproduced in workarounds for the challenges that cannot be solved by internal means of that database brand. In other words, gaining this kind of expertise is a great way to improve the specialist’s skills and knowledge of database support.

Therefore, if a UK business decides to order DBA support from a reliable Managed Services Provider, it enables you to tap into a pool of skilled talents with a comprehensive database administration expertise and a stock of ready solutions that can boost the performance, reliability, security and cost-efficiency of your IT operations.

IT Svit helps update and optimize your database environment

Your business builds the IT infrastructure to support your operations as best as you can, based on the levels of technology, skills and budget available. With time these systems become outdated or straightly obsolete. Design flaws, operational bottlenecks, tangled database structure and scripts can hinder your operational reliability greatly, which will result in slowing your business growth. This is why periodic updates and optimizations of your infrastructure and databases are crucial to ensure you gain and retain the competitive edge needed to succeed.

Unfortunately, the latest database version can be not reverse-compatible with the rest of your systems, because some features might be deprecated or operate differently. Therefore, a redesign and optimization of the existing infrastructure can be needed to ensure business continuity and resilience of your systems.

IT Svit can help with this task, as our database administrators have ample experience with the assessment and optimization of database structures and workflows for UK businesses of all sizes. If you need such assistance — contact us today, we are ready to help!

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