The full scope of managed database services

Database management efficiency is the core factor contributing to the success of IT operations of any business that interacts with the customers online. Ensuring your databases are always operational is equal to ensuring your application is always accessible, but it requires solid understanding of database management best practices. IT Svit is ready to provide such expertise for SQL or NoSQL databases, manage them, upgrade and move to another cloud platform.

Remote management for your on-prem database

There are many cases when industry regulations or product limitations require your business to run databases on on-prem server infrastructure. This poses certain challenges in terms of database administration. IT Svit lends a helping hand with remote database administration based on multiple years of our expertise, helping you to cut expenses on database management services without any compromise on quality.

Managed AWS RDS operations

Amazon RDS is a distributed cloud-based database by Amazon Web Services, and it steadily grows in popularity. Building your AWS infrastructure around RDS helps obtain a holistic and highly-performant system that interacts excellently with the rest of AWS products. However, configuring RDS correctly based on knowledgebase only is almost impossible. IT Svit can help your business operate RDS to the fullest extent of its capabilities.

IT Svit helps manage any cloud database

We help configure and run any cloud-based database your business might need for implementing the next project. MySQL and Redis, MongoDB and Microsoft SQL, Cassandra and Neo4j database — we have ample experience with deploying, configuring and running all of these and many more databases. From deployment to updates, migrations, backup and restoration, monitoring and alerting — IT Svit can provide all of these services.

Ready to start?

If your business earns profit by providing some products or services online or just interacts with your customers over the Internet in any way — database management becomes one of the most important components of your business workflows. At first, it can be done internally following the basic guidelines for the database of your choice. However, as your company grows and scales its operations, on-prem databases often become the performance bottlenecks, hindering your business progress.

This is why at some point every business must consider moving their databases to the cloud to leverage its scalability and high-availability features. Running your databases in the cloud ensures the security and efficiency of processing customer data in the cloud. IT Svit delivers the required expertise and helps utilize these databases to the fullest capacity.

Management of databases in the cloud

The most straightforward and easy approach to implementing and running a cloud database is ordering it as a managed service from your cloud platform. Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and other cloud service providers offer a variety of platform-specific databases like Google Cloud SQL or Amazon Redshift, Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle Database, which provide the ability to run all your database operations in the cloud using the cloud provider’s services and features. Such an approach ensures all your business needs are covered by competent support specialists from your cloud vendor.

Unfortunately, this leads to vendor lock-in and high OPEX. It is obvious that AWS database architects will use AWS features and services to design and implement the infrastructure needed to run your distributed database operations. In their turn, these features can require other AWS web services to function properly — and the costs can snowball out of control, while these features are not essential for running your cloud-based database project. In addition, if you ever decide to move to another cloud platform, you will have to transfer all the data out and rebuild the databases and infrastructure from scratch, which is quite costly and takes a long time.

Remote database management on-prem

Alternatively, your business might decide to hire a DBA specialist in-house to work on database management along with your team. In this case, your project roadmap and milestones are directly under your control and you can ensure no excessive system components are implemented. Quite the contrary, such a specialist works in close cooperation with the rest of the team and aligns the database management processes with your business goals and objectives to ensure smooth operations of your IT systems.

The downsides to this approach are the same as for any recruitment process: there are no guarantees of finding a good candidate quickly, onboarding and adaptation will take some time and resources, the expertise level of the new employee can turn out to be insufficient for the needs of the project, and the talent might decide to leave for greener pastures at any given day.

Nevertheless, lots of businesses think the internal team to be the only reliable means of operating mission-critical systems like database instances, and they are ready to face the risks of possible project failure due to relying on a single employee. The rest of the businesses safeguard themselves from such an occurrence by outsourcing database management services to a trustworthy IT services provider like IT Svit, which can ensure timely and reliable project delivery.

Dedicated teams for managed database operations

Working with Managed Services Provider companies is the best solution for database management in this regard. For example, IT Svit has several dedicated database administration teams that are able to handle the full range of tasks associated with managing your database infrastructure. We can manage all kinds of database projects at scale at nearly the same performance level as the cloud providers, but with a few key differences.

We are much more cost-efficient, to begin with. We have to run our infrastructure too and pay for it themselves, so we have found the ways to use open-source tools wherever possible instead of vendor-specific proprietary web services. We do this to cut on expenses and we provide the same services for you.

Secondly, we have gathered ample experience with delivering all kinds of database operations and have compiled a bunch of ready solutions for the most typical challenges your project can face. This allows us to reduce time-to-market for your project as we know what has to be done from the start and make it happen using preset solutions.

Thirdly, our team includes many highly-experienced engineers with an in-depth understanding of the best practices of database infrastructure configuration and management. They work for us, as we can offer them a wide variety of projects to embark on, so they can learn new technology, gain more experience and earn a decent salary, instead of being stuck with a single project and technology stack for months on end. This way, our database administrators can help deliver great products that make the world a better place, while also growing professionally. This is a win-win situation for everybody involved.

IT Svit team is ready to assist with your database management processes. If you need this assistance — let us know, we are always ready to help your business succeed!

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