IT Svit provides Google Cloud Platform migration consulting and assistance

Migration to Google Cloud for UK businesses provides multiple and compelling benefits — from deep integration capabilities for third-party modules in Kubernetes, Google App Engine, Google BigQuery, Google AI and multiple other features to per-second billing for many services, allowing you to save your budgets while enjoying unparalleled security and performance of Google Cloud platform. IT Svit helps move your data, application and workflows to Google Cloud and configure GCP services to meet the needs of your project best!

Efficient migration services to and from Google Cloud

Migrating IT infrastructures to and from Google Cloud Services is one of the areas of IT Svit expertise and we provide the full range of services required to achieve this goal. Whether you want to migrate to Google Cloud from a legacy infrastructure or decided to perform a GCP to AWS migration — we’ve got you covered. IT Svit can speed up the migration process by providing ready solutions and cloud migration best practices, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Google Firebase cloud messaging configuration

Google Firebase is a useful tool enabling cross-platform app development for mobile devices, which allows sending and managing messages between various platforms and operating systems. IT Svit has accomplished several Google Cloud migration projects and we know how to configure Google Firebase cloud messaging correctly to help your business build robust web and mobile cross-platform applications that deliver great user experiences!

Ready to start?

Like any other business decision, performing a cloud migration to GCP has a bunch of compelling reasons for every UK business performing it. Some might need to use the Google App Engine software development features; some might require powerful Google BigQuery data analytics features; almost any business can benefit immensely from using Google Kubernetes Engine for cloud infrastructure management, etc.

Whichever of Google Cloud features your business needs to use, you will benefit immensely from the PAYG billing model that charges per second, and rich integration capabilities that allow combining Google Cloud web services with third-party and open-source products.

Needless to mention that the correct configuration of these features is essential for ensuring the resilient and secure operations of your Google Cloud infrastructure. This requires solid expertise with running and configuring Google Cloud services, which is hard to come by. IT Svit lends this expertise to our customers, as we have rich hands-on experience with moving data and applications to and from Google Cloud, as well as providing in-depth consulting on all the aspects of this process.

Why IT Svit is the best choice for a managed migration to Google Cloud?

IT Svit is an IT outsourcing services provider and we take our pride in the fact that we deliver cost-effective and robust end-to-end cloud systems to our customers. We do not solve one-time tasks — we provide long-term solutions that continuously deliver value to our customers, and we do not go for the shortest route — we go for the most productive one.

For example, we use a healthy mix of Google Cloud services and open-source DevOps solutions like Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, ELK stack, Jenkins, Ansible and many others to build modular, flexible and highly-adjustable systems. Due to such an approach, we avoid vendor lock-in and minimize the monthly subscription fees for our customers. This ensures that our customers can adapt to the market conditions and move to another cloud platform with ease if the need arises.

IT Svit team houses 60+ seasoned software engineers and DevOps specialists who have 5+ years of expertise in cloud infrastructure management, including migrations to and from Google Cloud. Due to having successfully accomplished more than 200 projects with Google Cloud Platform, and we have ample hands-on experience with App Engine, Kubernetes Engine, Big Query and Firebase services, ensuring we can help our customers build and manage resilient public cloud infrastructures with robust features.

Google Firebase configured correctly to help your product development

Google Firebase is a tool with powerful features for cross-platform app development — but like any complicated tool, it must be configured precisely in order to work efficiently. For instance, every executable and JSON file must have unique package names, be your project stored in a monorepo or in multiple repositories.

This requirement is covered somewhere inside the oh-so-extensive Firebase developer documentation, but finding it (and a dozen of similar requirements) from the get-go and doing everything correctly the first time is nearly impossible to do. This means that many Firebase pilots become botched and result in time and investments lost.

IT Svit has learned Google Firebase, as well as the functionality of other Google Cloud services by heart over 5+ years we work with this platform. We can lend our rich expertise and ensure your product is developed swiftly and cost-efficiently, using all the power of  Google Firebase. If this sounds like something you need — let us know, we are ready to help!

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