Reliable DigitalOcean cloud migration services

DigitalOcean is one of the most popular cloud solutions for app development, and many businesses need DigitalOcean cloud migration services. IT Svit can help perform Digitalocean migration to and from any cloud platform. We have performed multiple cloud migrations to and from Google Cloud, AWS, MS Azure and DO, so we can help move your data and apps to any of these destinations.

We configure DigitalOcean droplets the way you need

DigitalOcean provides developer-friendly tools for infrastructure management, but they must be configured correctly in order to be useful. IT Svit provides droplet configuration services for multiple needs — whether you require SSH keys to connect a mobile platform to a cloud back-end or need configuring a load balancer to run a parse server — we can help you out!

The fastest way to successful DO migration

You can read the extensive DO guide on migrations, create a request to their customer support service or order IT Svit help. This ensures you get instant access to skilled talents who have done these kinds of tasks multiple times and can deliver turnkey solutions for your projects quickly and without errors.

Ready to start?

There can be a bunch of compelling reasons for your project to seek out something aside AWS, GCP or Azure. For example, the budget is too tight, you need to use some particular module or have to integrate the new solution with the legacy infrastructure. Whatever the reason is, DigitalOcean provides wide opportunities to reach your business goals.

Nevertheless, DIgitalOcean is far from perfect. It is an IaaS platform focusing on developers that have the simplicity of its virtual machine management paramount. It really is quite easy to configure a new standard VM with DO. However, DigitalOcean does not currently have some high-level functionality like serverless computing or managed Kubernetes services, as AWS or GCP do. These must be connected from other providers using complex scripting.

Thus said, IT Svit can help you get the most out of DigitalOcean services by maximizing the speed and efficiency of its configuration. We can help you move data and applications to and from DO based on your project requirements, and both configure it correctly an implement advanced functionality for your needs.

DigitalOcean is great for app development, not growth

Once your developers get a hold of DO configuration procedures — they will be able to manage it quickly and efficiently. However, while DigitalOcean is a great choice for cost-efficient app development, it is not the best choice to be scaling up, as it lacks various benefits provided by AWS or GCP out of the box.

Thus said, there will inevitably come a time when you will have to perform a DigitalOcean to GCP or AWS migration to support your ongoing business growth and utilize advanced features these platforms provide. IT Svit can lend a hand with this migration, as we know all the nooks and crannies of DO, GCP, AWS and Azure infrastructure management. This will ensure your migration from DO to major cloud providers like AWS or GCP will be performed smoothly, timely and without issues.

Why IT Svit is your best bet for DO migration and more?

We are definitely not the only team that provides DigitalOcean migration services to UK businesses, and some offers might seem even more affordable. So why select IT Svit as your cloud migration company? Because we provide much more than just cloud migration, we provide the full cycle of services for startups, from refining the initial idea and providing MVP development and support services, to delivering new product features and enabling continuous system monitoring based on predictive Big Data analytics.

Thus said, the goals set before your business on each of these stages differ and they demand different tools to achieve them cost-efficiently. Therefore, the time comes when these tools must be changed and replaced with more fitting for the current stage. IT Svit knows when to replace your DO droplets and what to replace them with. Most importantly, we do not stop at moving your business out from DO — we help you thrive and succeed at AWS or GCP by providing long-time support for your IT operations.

If this is a kind of partnership you are interested in — let us know, we would be glad to help your business succeed!

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