Cloud migration consulting for UK businesses

Many UK businesses have already understood the benefits of working in the cloud and want to migrate their workloads there or optimize their existing cloud infrastructures. This is especially important when working with AWS, as this platform provides very powerful features that can cost quite a lot when configured incorrectly. IT Svit provides in-depth cloud migration consulting and helps implement the most cost-efficient solutions to help your business reach the project objectives.

Help with migration from Google Cloud to Amazon Web Services

You can start developing your product with Google Cloud and later find out that you need to migrate to Amazon Web Services. This is a common situation and IT Svit has ample experience in solving this challenge. We can help you build a modular and flexible cloud infrastructure where Google Cloud modules can be quite easily replaced with Amazon web services to ensure seamless migration and an uninterrupted end-user positive experience!

Cost reduction for Amazon cloud migration

Most of FAQs and guidelines from AWS describe the cloud migration scenarios using Amazon web services, which is perfectly natural — but can be quite costly. In addition, these knowledge base instructions might omit some borderline conditions and requirements that make your project unique. IT Svit assesses your existing systems in order to plan and implement the most cost-efficient scenarios for cloud migration to Amazon.

Ready to start?

Migrations to the cloud or between clouds can sometimes be crucial for long-term business success or even survival. However, these projects are time- and effort-consuming tasks that must be approached with utmost seriousness in order to eliminate any chance of costly mistakes that might ultimately result in total failure. IT Svit is a reputable cloud consulting and managed services provider and we deal with all our projects with due diligence and attention to detail, which ensures timely and successful completion of your cloud migration projects.

Naturally, we have the most experience with performing cloud migration to Amazon Web services, the most popular cloud platform worldwide. We use 2 major approaches to these migrations — “lift-and-shift” or “redesign with cloud-native analogs”. The lift-and-shift scenario involves transferring your data, applications and workloads to the cloud with minimal redesign and reconfiguration. Good use cases for such an approach are smallish applications with a single database and simple business logic of interactions between the server-side and client-side parts of the application. The most common roadmap for such projects is recreating the existing workflows using AWS-based cloud systems and moving the data to the cloud with simple database dumps, restoring them in the cloud.

Quite the contrary, if you are currently running some legacy infrastructure, bringing all its flaws and performance bottlenecks to the cloud is counterproductive, or such workflows plainly cannot be reproduced using tools and features from Amazon Web Services. In this case, IT Svit can plan and build the best AWS-based infrastructure to meet your project goals using both vendor-specific and open-source DevOps tools like Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible, Jenkins, ELK stack and others.

Migrate from Google Cloud to AWS without issues

Both Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services provide detailed instructions for migrating your infrastructure between their platforms. The only issue there is that by following these guidelines to the letter, you will simply replace GCP vendor lock-in with AWS one. The solution to this challenge is relatively simple — just replace AWS-based tools and features with open-source analogs wherever possible, so you avoid ending up tied to AWS. This way you get a modular, highly flexible infrastructure that can be easily adjusted to meet the changing needs of your business.

The vital requirement of success with this approach is a profound understanding of the similarities and differences between AWS and Google Cloud tools and which of these can be effortlessly replaced with open-source alternatives. However, this expertise can only be based on previously accomplished cloud migration projects. This is why the most productive approach to cloud migrations is hiring a team that possesses such expertise and has in-depth knowledge of the cloud migration best practices, as well as the base of ready solutions for the most typical challenges.

IT Svit is such a team and we can lend our 5+ years of DevOps expertise to help you perform a successful cloud migration to Amazon Web Services. Contact us today and let’s start working on your cloud migration project!

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