Enterprise-grade cloud migration services for startups

If current IT infrastructure hampers your business growth, cloud transition or optimization of the cloud systems in use can be the solution for multiple issues. It Svit can provide a fail-safe cloud migration strategy for businesses of all sizes and in any industry. We ground this statement on 5+ years of hands-on expertise in design and implementation of excellent cloud infrastructures, as well as providing optimization and long-term support services.

Enabling cloud data migration to AWS

More than 40% of all cloud service users are AWS customers, which is not a surprise, if you think of the vast variety of services and industry-leading solutions offered by this platform. If your business is also in need to utilize Amazon Web Services, IT Svit can provide the expertise required to migrate your data, applications and workflows to it seamlessly.

Assistance with cloud migration to GCP

Google Cloud Platform offers one of the most cost-efficient ways to handle your data in the cloud. With a wide range of tools and features for data processing and storage, as well as resilient distributed databases, powerful query engines and managed infrastructures, Google Cloud can become a great destination for your cloud migration. IT Svit helps configure GCP services best to meet the unique needs of your project.

IT Svit cloud migration consulting services

Many businesses encounter a situation where their on-prem servers cannot handle their workloads any more and perform a cloud migration, only to face the need of going back from the cloud somme time later due to exorbitant monthly fees. IT Svit provides expert cloud consulting, optimization and migration services to ensure your business runs the most cost-efficient infrastructure and processes.

Ready to start?

Your business can be unique in some ways and can be exactly identical to all other competitors in your industry in the terms of cloud infrastructure management. Thus said, at some point in time you will have a need for an infrastructure that will scale up and down fast and without mistakes while supporting your operations.

This is when you will consider a migration to the cloud, as only cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform can provide the architecture and workflows required to handle resource-intensive IT operations at scale.

The most common reasons for performing a cloud migration, aside from costs reduction, are the need to ensure data security, operations compliance, scalability and uninterrupted performance. Cloud platforms address all of these concerns but it is quite hard to configure cloud services the best way possible if you don’t have the experience of previously successfully completed projects. IT Svit has helped multiple UK startups with their data migration to the cloud and if this is your current agenda — you are in the right place!

IT Svit is a Managed Services provider and we deliver remote server administration services for 15+ years, software and web development services for 10+ years, cloud infrastructure management services for 5+ years. Over these years we were acknowledged as the leading IT outsourcing company in Ukraine and one of top 3 Managed Services Providers worldwide

Migration to Amazon cloud — a cornerstone of success

Migration to AWS is the decision that ensures most of higher-level IT operations concerns are handled by professionals who use a wide variety of powerful tools. Amazon CloudFront provides excellent CDN functionality with DDoS protection, Amazon CloudTrail ensures the security of your admin operations, Amazon Fargate is a managed Kubernetes service — just name your request and Amazon provides a solution for it.

However, there is no free cheese in this mousetrap. Amazon Web Services can easily turn into a black hole sucking the money from your banking account faster than you earn them. This is why it is crucial to use only the most essential AWS features in your infrastructures and replace them with open-source alternatives wherever possible.

This is exactly where IT Svit excels, as we apply our expertise to design and provide modular, flexible and reliable systems composed of AWS-specific an open-source tools that ensure optimal cost-efficiency while leveraging all AWS benefits.

Cloud migration to GCP

Google Cloud is a worthy alternative to AWS. While its range of features is not as wide, GCP is more than able to cover all the needs of your IT projects. GCP provides a cohesive ecosystem with heavy emphasis on data storage and processing at scale. Google Cloud platform can be the best choice for a business of any size, from startups in need of cost-efficient product deployment with Google App Engine, to enterprises seeking to optimize their software delivery using Google Kubernetes engine and use Big Data analytics using Big Query.

Of course GCP provides knowledgebase with detailed guides, just the same as AWS. However, following them in full will lead to vendor lock-in situation, where your IT operations are heavily relying on GCP or AWS. If you lack the expertise to run these systems internally, you will have to issue support tickets just like anybody else and await for some time while these tickets will be served.

This is why it is best to order cloud migration consulting and support from experienced MSPs like IT Svit. We will help you build cost-efficient systems using a wide variety of ready solutions for typical challenges. To say more, our response times are under 15 minutes, not 4 hours. This will save you a ton of money and nerves in the long run.

If you need cloud migration consulting services — let us know, we would be glad to help!

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