IT Svit provides cloud system administration expertise

Recruiting DevOps engineers remotely can be the best business decision in terms of cost-efficiency and manageability if your daily IT processes. Many UK businesses have already appreciated the benefits of collaborating with experienced cloud system administration teams from IT outsourcing companies like IT Svit. We are a reputable Managed Services Provider and we can deliver high-quality cloud system administration services.

Data security and cloud administration

Data security is one of the most pressing concerns for all businesses that transfer their workloads to the cloud, as various prominent companies have reported multi-million losses after security breaches of their cloud infrastructure. However, with more than 80% of Fortune top 500 companies running their systems in the cloud, you can be sure it provides sufficient data security — and IT Svit helps enable the same level of data protection using cloud system administration best practices.

We manage and optimize your cloud infrastructure

One of the most common situations is when a company builds and runs its cloud infrastructure paying no attention to any possible bottlenecks until they become too much of a nuisance and start affecting your ongoing business growth. IT Svit can help with this and provide cloud optimization and management to help reorganize your cloud systems and ensure maximum return on investment with minimal OPEX.

Ready to start?

IT Svit team is in the business of remote system administration for 14+ years now. For the last 5+ years, we are also providing DevOps services, meaning we have in-depth experience with providing cloud system administration and infrastructure optimization services. As a Managed Services Provider, we deal with startup requests 90% of the time — and most of these involve optimizing the existing infrastructure and processes.

We have gathered a team of highly skilled DevOps engineers with wide expertise in infrastructure management, assessment and removing the existing performance bottlenecks. To say more, we have stockpiled a wide range of ready solutions for the most common challenges, so we can greatly reduce the time-to-market for your product updates and simplify the daily operations immensely.

Amazon Web Services is one of the most popular cloud hosting platforms and we deal with a wide range of cloud system administration tasks on AWS:

  • AWS VPC peering configuration allowing to merge the computing resources of a few Amazon accounts if need be
  • Enabling workflow automation and CI/CD with Amazon CodePipeline
  • EC2 and S3 configuration and management
  • Deploying AWS Fargate to enable automated management of AWS ECS clusters and running your applications in Docker containers without ever requiring to deal with a Kubernetes cluster
  • Working on database updates and migrations for AWS Redshift, Aurora, RDS,  Maria DB, PostgreSQL, MySQL and other databases
  • Enabling automated scalability features with Elastic Beanstalk, etc.

As more and more companies decide to go for AWS for their cloud computing services, the need for skilled and affordable AWS cloud system administration services grows steadily. As AWS provides a very powerful and complex ecosystem of products, services and solutions, configuring everything correctly requires an in-depth understanding of how everything works.

Figuring this out on your own is possible, but it will take inordinate amounts of your time and effort to find everything you need in gigantic AWS knowledgebase. Besides, if you don’t know what AWS services are crucial for your project, you will not know what services to order and how to configure them. Thus said, many companies prefer to search for ready AWS expertise to deal with their cloud system administration tasks — be it hiring a DevOps engineer in-house, working with certified AWS partners or outsourcing to a Managed Services Provider like IT Svit.

Cloud system management, optimization and data protection

IT Svit has ample experience with delivering cloud infrastructure administration and optimization services, as well as enabling cost-efficient data handling, storage and protection in the cloud. We can assess the infrastructure you currently run, highlight the room for improvement, performance bottlenecks and possible security threats and provide solutions for all of these cases.

IT Svit is rated as one of the leading Managed Services Providers worldwide, one of the top 250 Global IT leaders and the leader of the IT outsourcing market in Ukraine by the global technology consultancy Clutch from Washington, D.C. Over 14+ years of providing remote system administration services and 800+ successfully completed projects ensure we know how to fulfill your project requirements and help reach your business objectives.

If this sounds like the goal you expect to achieve — contact IT Svit team, we are always glad to assist!

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