Cloud infrastructure optimization services

If you run your data and applications in the cloud, the necessity of timely cloud optimization is self-evident. As every team builds the IT infrastructure it runs to the best of its knowledge, optimization requires tapping into an external pool of expertise. IT Svit is glad to provide this expertise and ensure your cloud infrastructure runs at full throttle!

Assistance with optimizing cloud hosts, network, applications

Every cloud platform provides a detailed guide on configuring finer details of their IaaS offers, like network, cloud hosts and other details. While this information is freely available in a knowledge base, it is pretty hard to find quickly, not is it easy to get everything configured correctly to meet the needs of your unique infrastructure. IT Svit has handled hundreds of cloud infrastructure configuration projects and we can assist you to set up your systems quickly.

Reserved instances and other ways of cloud costs reduction

Spot instances and reserved instances are examples of a great way to save money on cloud infrastructure operations. While everybody can order these from a cloud dashboard, not many can configure these services to run flawlessly. IT Svit has assisted various UK businesses to move from full-time instances to spot or reserved ones and reduce the expenses significantly.

Ready to start?

Using cloud computing services is the most cost-efficient way to develop and run your products and services nowadays. Cloud benefits like security, high-availability and scalability offer huge advantages as compared to running on-prem or dedicated servers with limited resources 24/7. Naturally, most of the modern businesses already operate in the cloud or are actively moving to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform.

However, while cloud platforms are quite powerful, they can cost a fortune to run due to the high cost of error. With limited resources of on-prem servers, incorrect configuration of their parameters can deplete their resources and then they crash. But with cloud virtual machines, the incorrect configuration can result in endless loops of creating instances after instances. And with the need to pay for the resources you used, you might end up waking up to a bill of several hundred thousand dollars.

This is the result of the seeming simplicity of cloud infrastructure management. You can just go to your AWS dashboard and order an Amazon EC2 instance, connect and Amazon S3 storage to it an automate some operations using Amazon CodePipeline. It seems easy, right? Actually, whenever you walk even one step outside of the simplest scenarios — you fare some dangerous waters. At IT Svit we receive lots of assistance requests from companies that thought they could manage their AWS infrastructures easily and ended up running a black hole, sucking the money out of their AWS account faster then they were able to pour it in.

This is why cloud optimization is so essential, and IT Svit is glad to assist any company to ensure their IT operations are cost-efficient and they get the most productivity out of their cloud infrastructure investments. We cover all the range of managed services your business needs:

  • startup technical consulting
  • QA and automated testing
  • full-stack web and software development (Python/Flask/Django, Node.js, Vue.js, Node-Red.js, PHP/Laravel, etc.)
  • MVP development
  • migrations between cloud computing platforms
  • cloud infrastructure optimization and management
  • transition to the cloud 
  • enabling CI/CD pipelines for software delivery
  • configuring CI/CD workflows for IT operations in production
  • building cloud monitoring and smart alerting solutions
  • custom-built and cloud-specific Big Data analytics tools
  • delivring end-to-end Blockchain tools

Thus said, working with IT Svit ensures all your project requirements are catered to and you leverage all the benefits the cloud can provide:

  • Lower costs. We configure your cloud operations correctly, so your systems don’t overextend and you pay only for the resources your project actually needed to consume.
  • Improved robustness. We carefully examine your cloud system design and locate all possible points of failure or performance bottlenecks. by redesigning the infrastructure and configuring it correctly, we are able to ensure your cloud systems are resilient and reliable under heavy workloads.
  • Load balancing at scale. We can replace basic load balancer services with advanced Auto-Scaling groups running on Kubernetes clusters so that your systems scale up and down automatically when certain conditions are met and you don’t risk any downtime or overspending.
  • Monitoring efficiency. Using Amazon Web Services like AWS Cloudtrail and CLoudWatch we are able to track all admin actions, as well as provide in-depth monitoring of all processes taking place in your systems to ensure maximum transparency of the operations.

IT Svit is ready to assist with cloud infrastructure configuration, optimization and management. Contact us today and let’s’ start working on your project at once!

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