IT Svit provides efficient cloud monitoring services

In order to ensure your customers receive uninterrupted positive end-user experience, you should closely monitor the performance of your cloud infrastructure. IT Svit has in-depth expertise with providing cloud monitoring services for businesses deployed to Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and other cloud computing providers. Our ample DevOps expertise ensures we can configure and run efficient monitoring solutions for systems of any complexity.

Monitoring public cloud systems in real-time

In order to ensure correct cloud computing resource allocation, you need to monitor public cloud infrastructure in real-time, as otherwise, you can end up with huge bills for the resources spent in vain. IT Svit can plan and build bespoke cloud monitoring solutions that will ensure the uninterrupted availability of your staging and production environments in the cloud.

Cloud monitoring that takes your business to the next level

Highlighting the incident that has occurred is not enough for modern fast-paced business. In order to be competitive, you must be able to react to incidents as they occur or even predict and avoid them. IT Svit applies our in-depth Big Data analytics experience to train and run predictive analytics systems that help react to potentially dangerous situations to avoid any system failures and downtime.

Ready to start?

Many UK-based businesses think the hardest part of their project lifecycle to be over once they release their product or service to the cloud. Actually, once your application starts serving live traffic, the real work begins as you must ensure scalability, security and high-availability of operations while releasing product updates without interrupting the end-user experience.

Therefore, manual system monitoring is ineffective by default and every business aiming for long-term success must use some cloud monitoring solutions. These tools enable the configuration of automated triggers and alerts that activate once one of the key parameters exceeds a certain threshold. For instance, your normal system performance means a 30% CPU workload. If it rises to 70%, this means a workload peak can happen soon. Without active monitoring, you can only rent excessive computing resources and leave them idling in case they are needed.

The situation changes dramatically when you add cloud monitoring solutions and ML into the equation. Tools like ELK stack, Nagios, Icinga, Zabbix, Prometheus and Grafana, FluentD and others allow selecting several key parameters like CPU load, RAM usage, I/O, disk volume usage, and other — and setting up thresholds for them. If one of these thresholds is exceeded, a system activates one of the pre-configured response scenarios (like launching additional application instances and spreading the load to them with a load balancer to deal with increased CPU usage). More importantly, once the peak workload is over, the system shuts down the excessive instances automatically to save your money.

This is just one of the cases of real-time monitoring using ML models. With time, the AI algorithm becomes more proficient in applying the best solutions, which results in building truly self-healing infrastructures that run cost-efficiently with minimal manual control. Thus said, ML-powered server monitoring is the most cost-efficient way of keeping your hand on the pulse of your business, and IT Svit excels at it.

Managing public cloud monitoring solutions

If you prefer to use public cloud server monitoring tools like Google StackDriver or Amazon CloudWatch — we can help configure these solutions correctly to ensure optimal usage of powerful Amazon web services and Google cloud features. Why not leave it to respective professionals or certified partners then?

Because AWS or Google technical support has to deal with thousands of tickets on each shift, and while your request will be served under SLA, it is more likely to take 4 hours than 15 minutes to be done. Quite the contrary, if skilled DevOps engineers from IT Svit handle your requests, it takes much shorter to accomplish them.

Alternatively, you can install popular cloud monitoring solutions like ELK stack or Prometheus & Grafana to your cloud account and configure them to provide in-depth monitoring of your infrastructure operations. However, while there are step-by-step guides on such installation, configuring these solutions to provide the utmost efficiency for your unique project requires some in-depth DevOps expertise — and IT Svit is ready to provide it!

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