Cloud infrastructure design from IT Svit

If you want your business IT operations to be cost-efficient and reliable you need to design the cloud infrastructure correctly. Anyone can build some basic systems with AWS or GCP, but ensuring these are scalable and perform well under heavy workloads requires an in-depth understanding of how to use the cloud architecture and webs services to get the best results. IT Svit has such knowledge as a result of 5+ years of providing DevOps services, so if you need cloud design and management services — we are glad to help!

Cloud architecture design and implementation

Every cloud platform provides knowledgebase FAQs with detailed guides on best practices of cloud infrastructure design and implementation. This way, your business can start working with AWS, GCP, Azure or any other cloud service provider with ease. But to avoid costly redesign in the future, it is best to start with correct cloud architecture design and entrust its implementation to professionals like IT Svit. This will save you from costly design mistakes that can impair your future project growth.

Reliable cloud design services from a reputable provider

Subscribing to managed cloud infrastructure services from cloud platforms is quite costly, so many businesses go for outsourcing this task to IT service providers. Unfortunately, if you don’t have the relevant expertise, it’s hard to filter out companies that cannot accomplish your projects without issues. IT Svit is a reputable Managed Services Provider with 5+ years of DevOps expertise and we have rich experience with cloud infrastructure design, optimization and management.

Ready to start?

Regardless of your business niche, the project goals and the technology stack used, every company has the same requirements for its cloud infrastructure design and operations. Your business or organization would most likely want the software delivery process to be working according to schedule, to be sure your production environment is configured quickly and without errors and to process your application data securely. These are just common business needs that must be satisfied with cloud design in every one of our projects.

IT Svit makes sure each cloud infrastructure we design answers these requirements:

  • We make Docker containers for all application components that can be containerized. This provides service continuity wherever Docker runs.
  • We split monolithic apps to microservices wherever possible. This helps to scale, update or reboot various parts of the system separately from each other.
  • We build private subnets behind bastion hosts to ensure the security of your applications and data
  • We minimize the risk of errors by automating routine operations wherever possible to create reliable CI/CD pipelines
  • We build systems that can interact well with serverless computing, Big Data analytics, Machine Learning, and other innovative cloud technology

Over 5+ years of delivering managed DevOps services, IT Svit has gathered a team of 65+ specialists with rich expertise in cloud infrastructure design and management. Our DevOps engineers have successfully accomplished more than 800 projects involving Google Cloud Platform services like BigQuery, Kubernetes Engine, App Engine, Stackdriver, Dataflow and others, as well as Amazon Web Services products like EC2, S3, CloudFront, Lambda, ECS, CloudWatch Logs and many other. We know how to design and implement cloud systems that ensure the secure and uninterrupted performance of your products and services.

To say more, we know all the nooks and crannies for these tools, how to configure them for maximum performance, what other vendor-specific tools they require and the list of open-source alternatives for each of these tools. Due to having such expertise, we are able to build and optimize highly-scalable and cost-efficient cloud architecture for our customers.

IT Svit builds your infrastructure in public cloud

With AWS, GCP, Azure and most other public cloud providers, the customers can test their services for free for some time or some amount of credit. These platforms provide detailed guidelines on what can be done and how to connect basic infrastructure components to each other. Unfortunately, many companies think they can do everything on their own and try to build the infrastructure for their future projects themselves.

However, when some configuration is done incorrectly for the systems that work at scale, this can lead to huge expenses and performance issues. We know of a case when incorrect CI/CD configuration caused the cloud infrastructure to create new instances in an infinite loop, which used up all the resources of an entire AWS Availability Zone overnight and has lead to a multi-billion dollar invoice. While the issue was confirmed as a technical error and the resources were not actually spent, and AWS has reduced the sum of the payment quite substantially in exchange of using this case to improve its internal monitoring system, the company still had to pay a hefty fee for an error in their cloud design.

IT Svit knows that small errors can lead to huge problems. This is why we offer our immense expertise and a large base of ready solutions to help UK businesses plan, build and monitor various cloud-based systems and ensure their cost-efficiency and resilience under heavy workloads. If you need this kind of service — contact IT Svit, we are always glad to help!

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