Cloud analytics for UK businesses

If your business runs some customer-facing applications and/or mission-critical systems in the cloud, it would be prudent to use them to the fullest extent. Cloud-based data analysis helps you get a complete and clear picture of your IT operations, as well as enabling important benefits for your end-users. IT Svit dedicated teams can handle all aspects of cloud data analytics — be it support for customer-facing apps or for optimization of back-end operations. We can ensure your business runs at top performance thanks to cloud-based Big Data analytics.

Enabling Big Data analytics for your needs

Your business constantly generates valuable data that can be used to augment your offers or improve your operations. However, this data must be properly processed and visualized to be of any use. Building and running a Big Data system is no ordinary task, as while the components are the same, every Big Data platform is quite different from another. Over the course of 200+ successfully completed projects, IT Svit has obtained rich experience with configuration and management of cloud-based Big Data analytics solutions.

Using cloud computing for data analysis

There are various Big Data analytics solutions provided by cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform. These are some powerful tools, but you either build your cloud data analysis around them or have trouble integrating it with them. IT Svit has successfully built and integrated more than 200 Big Data analytics systems over the last 5+ years, and we know how to make these work for your project.

Ready to start?

Big Data concept was around since 2005, when it was incepted by O’Reilly, and has already gone through all the stages of the Gartner hype cycle. The introduction of cloud storage and unlimited computing power was the technology trigger that made Big Data possible. People started to try to “analyze everything” in the hope of finding previously unseen patterns and compelling business drivers, and this lead to the hype of inflated expectations.

Multiple self-appointed “gurus” started pushing the ideas of building huge data warehouses in the cloud, directing all your business data there to form a flat lake and employing various Business Intelligence platforms to discover hidden patterns and revenue opportunities in these data lakes.

Once it became obvious that there was no profit to be had that way, the IT industry entered the trough of disillusionment and  Big Data almost became a byword for failure, like a dotcom bubble. However, this did not discourage the market leaders, who just had to reevaluate their ideas about what Big Data can and cannot do, how to achieve the expected results and what tools to use for it.

Cloud vendors like AWS, GCP and Azure did not give up on Big Data, as they had huge data sets to analyze and all the time and money in the world to make the results of this analysis worth the effort. They climbed up the slope of enlightenment and has discovered multiple feasible use cases for Big Data analytics, along with providing the tools for enabling these cases for any business.

Nowadays, nearly 15 years later, Big Data analytics in the cloud has reached the plateau of productivity. We have discovered and formulated 2 major areas of implementation for cloud-based data analytics:

  • supporting your products with AI/ML-powered features
  • reducing your TCO with predictive analytics

IT Svit has done lots of projects with both of these services.

Augmenting your product features with ML models

Almost any cloud-based product can benefit from implementing some form of Big Data analytics to augment its features. The exact areas of application can vary hugely, from analyzing tons of medical CM scans to find tumors with Optical Character Recognition, to processing multiple texts a day using Natural Language Processing or performing real-time financial analytics using Deep Neural Networks. Regardless of your business niche and the field of product application, IT Svit can help build the required interface and underlying infrastructure to provide AI-powered services to your customers.

Decreasing the TCO due to predictive analytics

When you buy dedicated servers, they run 24/7 and you pay for them in full, regardless of the number of resources actually consumed. When you run cloud-based systems, the quotas of resources used can be scaled up and down easily to optimize the cost-efficiency of your spending. Using ML models and training them on your historical data sets allows running the predictive analytics in real-time, so your systems automatically scale up to meet the demand and then shut down the excessive instances to conserve the resources, greatly reducing TCO due to cloud-based Big Data analytics.

IT Svit helps UK businesses build, train, deploy and optimize ML models in both cases, to help your company utilize your cloud infrastructure at topmost efficiency. Contact us today and we will help you benefit from cloud Big Data analytics!

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