IT Svit provides managed AWS cloud computing

In order to use Amazon Web Services in a way that ensures maximum return on your investments, you need to have access to a decent DevOps expertise. IT Svit has obtained such expertise over the course of 5+ years of delivering managed AWS services and during more than 200 successfully completed infrastructure optimization and management projects.

Cloud Consulting for AWS tools

AWS provides a wide variety of services and tools that can cater to literally any project requirement you might have. Nevertheless, opting for fully AWS-based cloud architecture can be quite inefficient from the cost-efficiency and performance perspective, should your project involve some uncommon feature or operation. This is why expert opinion is required, as such cloud consulting can lead to replacing most AWS features with open-source alternatives. This allows you to benefit from the power of AWS, while not spending too much.

Quick deployment of AWS cloud infrastructure for your projects

When using AWS cloud computing, it is crucial to quickly provision and correctly set up your instances, as you might end up with exorbitant fees otherwise. IT Svit has gathered an ample base of ready solutions for most typical AWS infrastructure management tasks. We can help you quickly plan and build cost-efficient and highly performant cloud systems with AWS, in order to reduce time-to-market for your products and services.

Ready to start?

While AWS is the most popular cloud computing provider worldwide, it is by far not the easiest one to operate. Every project is unique and might require some specific combination of tools or their configuration. Thus said, more often than not UK businesses find that their AWS operations can be improved in a variety of ways. Everyone can start running an AWS infrastructure, but ensuring it is actually running cost-efficiently is quite hard as it requires access to talents that possess a deep DevOps expertise with Amazon cloud computing.

The most common approach to finding such talents is to try to hire them in-house, like any other specialist your business might need. The challenge with this approach for UK businesses is that there are not many DevOps services providers in the UK, and most of them work for global enterprises. You might try to fill this role with less-skilled specialists or remote freelancers, but this bears the risks every business wants to avoid. These specialists can take a long time to be hired, they can have insufficient skills, they can fall ill or leave your employment altogether.

Many companies decide to work with AWS directly, ordering technical support from AWS or its certified partners. This ensures top quality of services, their timely delivery and instant access to the required skills. However, this approach has its downsides. First of all, the services you order are delivered to you along with multiple other customers. 

Therefore, while you are covered by SLA, it is more likely to receive the services in 4 hours than in 15 minutes. Secondly, these services are quite costly, as the time of AWS-certified specialists costs quite a lot. Thirdly, they will most probably use Amazon web services and tools to build and run your project infrastructure, meaning you will head for vendor lock-in. Avoiding this situation requires you to have access to DevOps expertise and be able to plan for the infrastructure operations involving open-source alternatives to AWS products.

Thus said, the third option becomes quite a viable one. Multiple UK businesses decide to partner with IT outsourcing companies like IT Svit. This allows them to gain instant access to skilled DevOps talents that have an in-depth understanding of AWS cloud computing features. However, such collaboration costs less than hiring AWS support specialists full-time, because Managed Services Providers like IT Svit operate outside the UK, and can provide DevOps services at much lower rates.

However, this does not impact the quality of the services, which is a major concern when outsourcing IT projects. IT Svit is a reputable IT services provider with 5+ years of renown in the field of providing managed AWS cloud computing services. We are listed among the top 3 Managed Services Providers worldwide by reputable technology consultancy platform Clutch from Washington, D.C. and our expertise is proven with more than 600 successfully completed cloud infrastructure management and optimization projects.

If you would like to ensure your AWS-based IT operations are reliable and cost-efficient, IT Svit can provide the required expertise. We can help you build, run and optimize AWS cloud infrastructures and ensure your cloud investments work at maximum efficiency. Contact us today and we will help your business succeed tomorrow!

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