IT Svit provides reliable Big Data support

Every UK business that wants to get the most out of its investments into cloud infrastructure comes to the necessity to implement Big Data analytics. However, this task includes 2 parts — selecting, training and running the appropriate Machine Learning model, and designing, deploying and managing the cloud infrastructure for it. IT SSvit provides both aspects of services, allowing UK startups, small-to-medium enterprises and global corporations to become more cost-efficient and competitive at the domestic and global markets.

Cloud infrastructure management for Big Data

The correct configuration of cloud infrastructure ensures efficient operations of a Big Data solution it runs. The best variant is to ensure your ETL workflows take place in close geographical proximity to where the data is gathered. This allows avoiding huge expenses on transferring petabytes of data back and forth, as well as removing the speed limitations imposed by throughput caps. IT Svit has in-depth working expertise with cloud infrastructure design, delivery and continuous management, so we can ensure your Big Data analytics platform is shipshape and Bristol-fashion.

Providing support for Big Data optimization

You are probably using some Big Data solution or a Business Intelligence software already. It can even be a custom-tailored Big Data feature from a Big Data consulting company or your cloud vendor. However, in the fast-paced business landscape of the 21st century, one needs to perform periodic assessments of the systems in place and update them to remain competitive. IT Svit can help ensure your Big Data systems are up to scratch and optimize any bottlenecks discovered.

Ready to start?

If your business aims for long-term success, you will consider using some kind of Big Data solution eventually. These solutions can be applied in one of two major ways — to improve your products through some AI-augmented features or to decrease your TCO due to more cost-efficient resource allocation. The first approach requires using custom Python scripts and Apache Stack tools, the second demands a thorough knowledge of cloud infrastructure management.

More importantly, both of these domains demand DevOps skills to manage the underlying systems. In order to apply Big Data analytics for your business, you first have to correctly select and train the appropriate Machine Learning model. Training an Artificial Intelligence algorithm means applying it against some sets of historical data, so it processes it in an attempt to reach certain results. Depending on the requirements of your project, the composition of the infrastructure required for Big Data processing can be quite different.

For example, the database and workflows required for running Optical Character Recognition models are totally different from the databases and workflows required to process textual data or analyze machine-generated data like server logs. The data might come in batches or in streams, it might come from geographically dispersed systems but contain just a few parameters, or it might come from a centralized system with intense workloads.

Thus said, selecting the best architecture for different ML models requires the experience of doing so successfully, as no guideline can ensure you are doing it right. IT Svit has handled a fair share of projects that involved Big Data systems and we have many ready solutions for most of the challenges your business can encounter while implementing these systems.

The same goes for the other area of Big Data application — using the data analysis to monitor the performance of your cloud systems and providing predictions to solve different incidents with preconfigured scenarios. In order to provide predictive analytics in real-time, the Big Data solution must have access to huge data sets of historical data, and be able to process these sets quickly and cost-efficiently. This helps discover the patterns and parameters you need to trace. IT Svit team has ample experience with designing and building cloud systems required to train Machine Learning models that will be used either in your products or in your cloud system management operations

The hardest part of Big Data support is optimizing the systems developed by other companies or ordered from cloud vendors. The reason for that lies in the fact that every company builds its systems using the best technology and skills available to them. And while finding a good technology is relatively easy nowadays, finding skilled Big Data architects is quite hard, as they are usually employed by cloud platforms or global corporations.

Luckily for our customers, IT Svit was able to hire and retain a team of skilled and enthusiastic Big Data engineers, who have already successfully accomplished more than 200 Big Data projects over 5+ years. We can optimize any Big Data system you have, replace the outdated components with top-notch technology and implement DevOps best practices to ensure smooth operations and cost-efficiency.

Thus said, we get lots of contracts and our customers get instant access to a skilled Big Data support team, so it is a win-win situation for both parties. If this sounds good — contact IT Svit, we are always ready to assist you!

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