Big Data strategy consulting for UK businesses

Long-term business strategy helps provide contingency plans and solutions for all kinds of challenges. Big Data strategy consulting and implementation is crucial for the performance and cost-efficiency of your IT operations but requires a specific kind of expertise. IT Svit provides this expertise based on 5+ years of Big Data consulting and management.

Big Data solutions that provide value for your business

Your business is processing various data sets daily. Big Data analytics helps do it at scale and in real-time. IT Svit helps build and run Big Data solutions that improve your business performance and products. We work with businesses from finances, retail, banking, marketing, logistics, transportation, education, healthcare, etc. IT Svit can help deliver Big Data-powered features to your customers and provide immense value for your business.

Big Data analytics that reduces the costs of your operations

Big Data strategy can be used as a part of the IT infrastructure optimization process so that the analysis of your IT workflows can help optimize the operational expenses and reduce TCO. IT Svit can build a Big Data strategy for making data-driven decisions and improving operational resilience for your IT systems.

Ready to start?

Modern technology provides multiple ways to increase business competitiveness. IaaS provided by all cloud service providers enables a level playing field for all competitors. Big Data solutions, on the other hand, can help any business to earn more and spend less. Some companies let their machine-generated data go down the drain out of fear to invest inefficiently into data analytics.

Other UK businesses seek ways to obtain the required Big Data expertise and build a Big Data strategy that enables real-time data warehousing and processing. Building a Big Data platform uniquely suited for your business allows analyzing both structured and unstructured data from a wide variety of sources and augment different product features in order to deliver more value to your customers.

IT Svit has ample experience with developing unique Big Data solutions for businesses in any industry. Here is what a common Big Data strategy looks like, in general:

  • Your company decides if Big Data should be used to add new features to customer-facing applications, increase the efficiency of mission-critical cloud infrastructure or in both scenarios.
  • Depending on the complexity and the timeframes of the project, your business must also decide if you want to go for recruiting an internal team, subscribing to cloud support or outsourcing the task to a Managed Services Provider like IT Svit.
  • If you decided to work with an MSP, you should select a trustworthy partner based on ratings, reviews and feedback from previous customers, as well as the skills and technology stack available.
  • Big Data implementation sometimes demands a complete redesign of the existing cloud infrastructure to enable it to work better and interact with Big Data tools seamlessly.
  • When your cloud infrastructure is ready to support Big Data workloads, the MSP must work with your business stakeholders to design the architecture of the future Big Data solution and select the relevant Artificial Intelligence algorithm for the job.
  • The Big Data scientists must train the Machine Learning model using the historical data sets from your systems. 
  • Once trained, the Big Data analytics solution must be deployed and managed in production to process your machine-generated data in real-time and ensure data-driven insights for your business decision-making.

As an example of a Big Data strategy that IT Svit team has successfully implemented, we have trained an Optical Character Recognition algorithm for one of our customers, enabling him to automate customer authentification and increasing the numbers of new subscriptions by 300% for their platform.

We have also successfully deployed multiple predictive analytics systems that enabled our UK customers to highlight normal operational parameters for their infrastructures and pinpoint any discrepancies in their operations. This helped many of them to reduce overspending on excessive instances, and some were able to defend from a DDoS attack without taking any damage.

If these results seem appealing to you — IT Svit is ready to help you design and implement a Big Data strategy uniquely customized for the needs of your business. Contact us right away!

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