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Any business that interacts with customers online needs a great-looking and easy to use web product. IT Svit is a seasoned web design and development company with wide experience in delivering responsive web design, user-friendly UI/UX and intuitive workflows for eCommerce, dating, finances, digital marketing and cryptocurrency apps and services. We can make sure your business succeeds by providing the best web developers that will build efficient apps using a variety of frontend and backend programming languages and tools.

Cross-platform web and mobile app development

Mobile traffic grows annually and any business needs to have a mobile app or a responsive web design for their website if they want to provide great user experience to their clients. IT Svit provides web design services, web development, server-side scripting on any required programming language and a variety of other services to ensure you get an intuitive, performant and profitable web platform.

Web development agency headquartered in New York City

IT Svit is a well-known web development consulting firm based in New York City and has ample hands-on experience with all web design and development services required to create attractive and user-friendly websites and products. We helped many US startups develop their products and succeed all the way from MVP development to scaling or exit. Should you need to use our help — we are glad to provide the full cycle of web development services for startups!

Ready to start?

If you are reading this, you most likely need web design and development services to make your website and sell your product. Definitely, you want to get these services from a reliable web development agency to make sure your website is user-friendly, has intuitive UI/UX, provides great user experience, and helps you sell your product or services better.

This is why any business is always very attentive to finding a reliable IT outsourcing provider and selecting the best of web development companies to build a website for them. An experienced web development consultant with hundreds of successfully accomplished projects will be able to provide responsive web design and development for your website.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of web development companies worldwide, offering web development services in dozens of programming languages, frameworks, platforms and website builders. However, web development is only the basic level of IT services, as websites do not work in a vacuum. They must be hosted on some servers or virtual machines, and they must be able to scale on-demand, as well as be efficiently monitored to make sure the end-user experience is as positive as possible.

Thus said, a good web development company must also be able to provide a variety of other IT services. IT Svit is such a web development agency, as we can deliver the full cycle of services for startups, from DevOps services to Big Data analytics and from MVP development to Machine Learning algorithms. Should you need such an array of web development services — we will be glad to provide them!

IT Svit delivers responsive web design and reliable web and mobile app development

There are multiple programming languages, as well as frontend and backend frameworks available for iOS, Android, Windows mobile, from Kotlin and React Native to AVFoundation.framework and from Fresco to Facebook SDK. However, most of the specialized tools are limited to a particular platform, so many startups have to engage in iOS and Android mobile app development simultaneously. Not only it doubles the costs, but it also doubles the mobile app development risks.

IT Svit prefers dealing with these issues by concentrating on responsive web design using React.JS and Node.JS to build intuitive, user-friendly and responsive web design for cross-platform apps that run equally well on any device and on any platform. Besides, we have deep Python/Django, Angular.JS and PHP/Laravel expertise, allowing us to provide reliable front-end development and back-end configuration services to make sure you products run smooth, scale well and are easy to monitor and manage.

Besides, due to our ample DevOps expertise, we can split monolith apps into microservices that are run and monitored separately and interact through API or message brokers. This allows developing, testing, updating and scaling different modules separately, and helps make sure your product runs stably, reliably, securely and predictably.

The US-based company with Ukrainian R&D expertise

While IT Svit is headquartered in New York City and provides services to a multitude of US startups from the Big Apple, Boston metropolitan area, Los-Angeles and San Francisco, our R&D center is situated at Kharkiv, Ukraine. Due to this, our working hours effectively overlap or touch with most of the US and EU timezones, so most of the project tasks are done overnight for our customers. Due to such a workflow structure, the web development process goes seemingly non-stop, dramatically shortening the time-to-market for your products.

Over 10+ years of providing web development services we have accumulated rich experience in various areas:

  • UI/UX design, responsive web design and MVP development
  • CRM development
  • cryptocurrency exchange development
  • eCommerce platform development
  • HRM/HRIS development
  • Blockchain-based platforms
  • CMS development
  • Big Data analytics solutions
  • Cloud monitoring, alerting and logging solutions
  • much, much more

IT Svit is ready to lend our in-depth expertise and provide reliable and cost-efficient web development for your products.

Why choose IT Svit as your web development agency?

When a business needs to get design and development for a new web application or software product, there are several ways of obtaining the needed expertise.

Firstly, you can try to hire the needed team in-house, but it carries all the risks associated with recruitment. You can spend lots of time and effort to find the required specialists and form a cohesive team out of individual talents, not to mention the hazard of talent leaving and putting the project at risk.

Alternatively, you can try to form such a team remotely out of freelancers. This can be done much faster, but the related perils are even higher, as the freelancers are notoriously known for missing the deadlines and delivering sub-par quality code.

The last and the most cost-efficient approach for delivering efficient web development is hiring an experienced team from a web development agency or an IT outsourcing provider. Such companies usually have all the required specialists in-house, so they make sure the project is delivered on time and under budget.

There are multiple web development companies, yes, but there are certain reasons why IT Svit is the best choice for getting web development services.

  1. We are one of the top 10 Managed Services Providers worldwide according to Clutch. We have a reputation of a steadfast, trustworthy and responsible web development agency to uphold — and we stand up to it.
  2. IT Svit is one of the leaders of the IT outsourcing market in Ukraine, based on 20+ positive customer reviews of Clutch.
  3. We were named among the top 250 IT companies globally in 2017 and 2018 — and we are definitely going to repeat this success in 2019.
  4. We have 50+ software developers, DevOps engineers and Big Data architects on board, so we are ready to take on the projects of varying scope for companies of any scale.
  5. We have successfully completed more than 500 software development over our 10+ years of providing web development services. We have multiple solutions and modules readily available for your projects, so we make sure your products have the shortest time-to-market available.
  6. We know all the nooks and crannies of cloud infrastructure and deployment, so we are able to design and implement highly resilient, cost-efficient and manageable systems for your projects.

In addition, unlike hiring individual freelancers, when working with IT Svit you get instant access to top-notch talents with lots of experience and ready solutions for most common tasks and challenges of web development, so you get significantly decreased time-to-market for your product without compromising on the quality.

IT Svit can be much more than a web development company for you

To wrap it up, IT Svit can become your trustworthy technology partner and provide much more than web development services. We cam cover all the needs of any business and ensure your IT operations are cost-efficient and your products are delivered on time and under budget. Should you need any help — contact us and we will be glad to assist!

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