IT Svit helps SaaS software companies succeed!

There are multiple Software-as-a-Service companies that provide useful tools for modern business. From customer relations management and human resource management to office productivity and project management solutions — the range of open-source cloud-based services is huge. IT Svit helps build, run and scale cohesive and cost-efficient SaaS platforms!

Developing SaaS products for your business

IT Svit has ample experience with designing, building, scaling and running various SaaS solutions. We have a capable team of developers, QA and DevOps engineers that are able to provide the expertise required to design, implement and run any SaaS product your business might want to release!

Running SaaS platforms for you

There are multiple cases when the business can require external help to run their products. We help build cost-efficient, resilient and scalable cloud infrastructures to ensure your SaaS company can meet all the customer demands and provide uninterrupted, reliable and predictable customer service!

Business analytics and scaling

To remain competitive and scale successfully, the business must analyze the data on its operations and current market players in order to identify operational bottlenecks, possible challenges, and hidden profit opportunities. IT Svit provides in-depth cloud monitoring, logging and Big Data analytics to help your business run the SaaS solutions cost-efficiently and gain a competitive edge!

Ready to start?

Most of the startups nowadays prefer to work under a SaaS business model, as they develop, deploy and run their products to solve some challenges for their customers. In order to be successful, the product must be easy-to-use, work more cost-efficiently than the competition, be always available and add new features frequently. DevOps services from a trustworthy Managed Services Provider like IT Svit help the SaaS software companies solve all the challenges and succeed at scaling their businesses to enterprises.

There are multiple reasons for startups to opt for outsourcing their IT operations. To be fair, while many startups have some decent development expertise, they rarely have all the technical background needed to design, build, and maintain the IT infrastructure required to provide Continuous Delivery of new code and Continuous Improvement of your product. Thus said, hiring dedicated DevOps engineers from Managed Services Providers can be a lifesaver.

Due to the fact that MSPs like IT Svit deal with startups most of the time, they have both the in-depth understanding of how to build the required infrastructure best, and the readily available solutions for most of the modules you might need to deploy.

IT Outsourcing benefits for SaaS companies

Whenever a startup has to attract external talents to deliver a product, the choice is between hiring a specialist in-house or going for IT outsourcing. Silicon Valley startups prefer outsourcing to Ukraine, as it ensures shorter time-to-market, consistency and cost reduction of software development and IT operations. As IT Svit is among the leaders of the IT outsourcing market in Ukraine, we know what the startups expect very well — and we are able to give it to them:

  • Cost reduction at recruitment and retainment of talents. While working with MSPs, startups don’t have to spend time, effort and resources on hiring recruiters and HR-managers, or investing valuable CEO’s or CTO’s time into finding the required developers and DevOps engineers. Instead, the startup can concentrate on finding investment, while gaining instant access to a pool of highly-skilled specialists, which are hired and managed by the IT outsourcing company to deliver your product.
  • Experienced professionals. As we mentioned before, MSPs have teams of highly-skilled professionals at their disposal. The reason for that is that… this way they can work with lots of startups without making a long-term commitment to any project. This way the DevOps engineers and developers gain lots of experience quickly and have the best chance of mastering new tools. They don’t work with outdated tech managing decade-old projects without any changes for years, but they gain lots of experience in DevOps best practices and cloud infrastructure management quite fast.
  • Latest tech. Once again, working with startups enables IT Svit to design and implement cloud architectures and workflows using the latest stable build of popular DevOps tools like Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, Jenkins, Ansible, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Prometeheus+Grafana, etc. We master the latest tech quickly and deliver cost-efficient, manageable and performant systems for our customers.
  • Security and compliance. IT Svit operates under SLA and NDA, so the legal issues and regulatory compliance are dealt with from the very start. As for infrastructure security, both cloud vendor services like AWS CloudTrail and Google StackDriver, and top-of-the-line open-source cloud-based tools we use (like Kubernetes clusters and Docker containers) have reliable built-in security features.

Therefore, working with IT outsourcing providers helps startups get all the technical talents they need in order to release their product quickly and cost-effectively.

Running SaaS platforms for your company

The most important requirement for a successful startup in the phase of active growth is to provide their services to end-users in a reliable and uninterrupted manner, while also rapidly adding new features. This requires getting a complex system of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS products together, configuring it correctly and running it cost-efficiently and reliably, to ensure predictable software delivery workflows and consistent cloud infrastructure operations.

IT Svit has ample experience with design, implementation, configuration and management of various software delivery life cycle phases. We gather the project requirements from startup stakeholders and come up with solutions that fit your needs best. We try to leverage free-to-use open-source components whenever possible, yet if your project requires using cloud platform-specific products or services — we will include and configure them.

  • Amazon Web Services SaaS — both a set of features and solutions for delivering your product and a huge variety of readily available SaaS products from other companies on AWS Marketplace. We can configure any of these products to help your startup operate and provide services to your end-users.
  • Google G Suite — additional features for standard Google Disk services, enabling the business to get much more of their Google accounts. We can configure everything your business will need while ensuring the system remains lean and efficient.
  • Microsoft Productivity Suite — from online versions of Skype for Business and Office to managing thousands of user accounts through Active Directory — Microsoft holds an important role in the business operations of multiple companies worldwide.
  • Slack — one of the most popular enterprise collaboration products and a very feature-rich system. We can help configure team messaging, archiving, automated alerting through bots and multiple other features.
  • DocuSign — an enterprise productivity solution offering services from electronic signatures to single sign-on features for various business suites.
  • GitHub — the most popular online version control system and open-source code repository must be correctly configured to underpin CI/CD processes in your business.
  • Jira from Atlassian — a popular project management platform that helps your team track issues, monitor the hours worked on a project and provide reporting. We help configure it so your team gets the most of this useful product.

This is just an excerpt of a wide variety of SaaS products IT Svit can configure to help your business deliver new software products and operate your cloud infrastructure.

Enabling business analytics and system scaling

Continuous monitoring of cloud infrastructures ensures their uninterrupted operations but requires quite a lot of effort. Therefore, automating this task through the implementation of Big Data analytics will allow applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning algorithms for analyzing the machine-generated data. This helps build self-healing cloud infrastructures based on predictive and prescriptive analytics when your production environments automatically scale up and down based on workloads and automatically reboot their microservices should the need be, without any interruption to the end-user experience.

Predictive analytics ML models process the historical data and provide PREDICTIONS on the most likely outcomes of certain cloud infrastructure management actions, helping to minimize the effort required from DevOps engineers to run the infrastructure, as they have only to choose the most appropriate course of actions between several variants.

Prescriptive analytics makes another step forward and PRESCRIBES the most appropriate course of actions, so the DevOps specialist has only to execute a single command if the model prescriptions are correct. Due to this approach, cloud monitoring becomes a streamlined and automated process, instead of a tedious process of constantly putting out the fires. The infrastructure you use mostly heals itself, with minimal intervention from system administrators.

Building such a self-healing cloud infrastructure makes scaling your business much easier, as there are no wrongly allocated resources and your systems operate at top efficiency.

The benefits of a partnership with IT Svit — a managed SaaS software company

Every business needs to use the correct tools to grow successfully, and these tools should be configured correctly to ensure optimal ROI and resource allocation. IT Svit has ample experience with all facets of SaaS lifecycle, from managing third-party open-source tools to helping the startups build and manage their own SaaS solutions.

Due to the vast expertise that IT Svit has accumulated in working with SaaS solutions, we are able to design and implement the required Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery processes to ensure timely and reliable software development, as well as building cost-efficient and highly-performant cloud infrastructures composed of both SaaS products from cloud vendors and open-source third-party alternatives.

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