Cloud support services for your business

Every business that hosts its customer-facing systems in the cloud faces the need to utilize reliable cloud support services. Trying to obtain this expertise in-house can prove quite hard, as there are not enough unemployed highly-skilled DevOps engineers. Hiring such expertise from an IT outsourcing provider as IT Svit allows getting instant access to cohesive dedicated teams, polished processes, ready cloud computing solutions and wide expertise with cloud computing support.

Cloud support for Amazon Web Services

AWS is the most popular provider of cloud services, so it’s only natural many companies decide to move their operations to this cloud platform or start there from scratch. The downside of this decision, however, is the need to gain an in-depth understanding of AWS architecture and products, best practices of ensuring security and ease of management of AWS infrastructure, etc. This knowledge cannot be obtained by reading knowledgebases, however. IT Svit offers AWS support packages to help you get the most out of your cloud computing investments.

Google cloud support from IT Svit

While Google Cloud Platform is not as popular as AWS, it is indeed one of the most widely used cloud service providers. However, mastering all the range of Google Cloud services in a short time is highly unlikely, and using cloud resources without a full understanding of all the related implications is unwise, as it might lead to huge expenses due to system misconfiguration. IT Svit lends our rich expertise with Google Cloud support to ensure your business gets only the best results from working with Google Cloud.

Ready to start?

Cloud computing provides innumerable benefits for every business. You don’t have to overpay for idle computing resources just in case your application sees a drastic influx of visitors — your infrastructure scales up and down dynamically to meet the demand and save your budget. You don’t have to worry about data security and cybersecurity, DDoS attacks and malware too much — CDNs like Cloudflare or Amazon CloudFront deal with these kinds of threats.

You don’t even have to design and implement software delivery workflows — cloud platforms provide the tools for CI/CD best practices. This allows implementing Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipelines, where your developers use pre-configured scenarios to build, test, stage and release new product features for your applications. This also benefits ongoing cloud infrastructure management, as most of the routine tasks are performed automatically.

However, such great results don’t come easy, as all the benefits described above become available only under one circumstance — if your cloud infrastructure and workflows are configured correctly. This is easier said than done, as both AWS and GCP provide pretty complex cloud products and web services, which have to be configured precisely to meet your project requirements.

This is why obtaining access to highly-skilled cloud support engineers is crucial for long-term success and security of your cloud-based applications and data. There are three main approaches to this task:

  • Hiring DevOps talents in-house. Most companies try to hire cloud technical support in-house, as keeping the expertise inside the team is obviously a sound decision. There are just two major downsides to this decision — skilled DevOps talents are not readily available on the market, and the ones you can easily find might not have all the range of skills required to implement your project successfully.

    Besides, this approach also suffers from typical pitfalls of any other recruitment — it takes lots of time and HR/recruiting expenses to find talent and lots of HR resources to retain it. In addition, your employees can leave at any moment and your cloud support processes would be at risk until the replacement is found. This is why many companies prefer to opt for AWS or google cloud support packages.

  • Hiring support engineers from cloud platforms. A business can subscribe to AWS or Google cloud technical support. It is good, because these engineers know their cloud platforms best and will make sure your cloud infrastructure is resilient and performant. The main downside to this approach is that even under SLA, your requests will be queued along with the tickets from all the rest of the cloud computing customers, so it might take quite some time until the tasks are done.

    The other noticeable drawback of this approach is that AWS engineers will obviously design and implement your cloud infrastructure using Amazon web services, products, and best practices. This works great while it lasts — but it is a vendor lock-in, which means you might pay for some services that have open-source alternatives and will definitely have to rebuild the infrastructure from scratch, should you want to migrate to another public cloud or on-prem cloud solutions.

  • Working with outsourcing teams. The third approach is where IT Svit comes to the table. You might decide to work with IT outsourcing providers, who have decent experience with cloud computing support and provide dedicated teams for enabling cloud support services. The main benefit here is that such teams can begin working on your project at once, have replacements ready should some team members fall ill, have ready solutions for typical challenges based on their experience — and they cost less than in-house engineers!

    Besides, skilled DevOps engineers prefer to work for Managed Services Providers like IT Svit, as they get the chance to work on a variety of projects over time, so they can master lots of latest technology, tools and best practices. This is a win-win situation, where your business gets instant access to experienced DevOps engineers with ample cloud computing support experience, while they get another project to accomplish and grow as professionals.

IT Svit has thorough understanding and rich hands-on experience with providing Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform support services. From cloud infrastructure design to implementation of production environments, from building CI/CD pipelines to providing smart monitoring and Big Data analytics. Should you need an end-to-end cloud monitoring solution — IT Svit is ready to help!

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