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In-house DevOps vs DevOps as a service

DevOps appeared 10+ years ago and has been growing in popularity since then. For many experts, DevOps might have different meanings. However, one way or another, everyone will admit that DevOps is all about shortening and simplifying software delivery processes to produce high-quality, customer-oriented products faster.

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Bullish DevOps News/Updates — June 2021

HashiCorp announces Terraform 1.0 general availability, Grafana Labs releases Grafana v8.0, how Netflix uses eBPF flow logs at scale for network insight, and other goodies in Bullish DevOps News/Updates June edition.

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Choosing the right IaC tool on AWS

Choosing the right IaC tool on AWS is a quite demanding process involving plenty of thinking. With that, we need to learn what IaC tools are on the AWS deck and which one is good enough for you to adopt.

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How to Automate Infrastructure with Atlantis and Terraform

How Atlantis can be helpful when we deal with infrastructure automation and orchestration with Terraform.

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Picking the Right Policy-as-Code Solution

With software raising in number and quality, with the life cycle tending to become more and more automated and streamlined, logically policies governing products should develop. With the help of PaC, organizations easily apply compliance, security, and other rules or restrictions through quick and cost-effective processes.

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Bullish DevOps News/Updates — May 2021

In the May issue of Bullish DevOps News/Updates: systemd service security improving, choosing a right PaC solution, the most well-known cloud platforms comparison, and many other delicious DevOps-allied treats.

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How to Implement DevOps via Team Topologies Approach

In this article we will discuss team topologies as an explicit and easy-to-implement approach to software delivery focusing on optimizing team interactions for the smoothest flow.

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GitHub Actions: Pipeline-as-a-Code Building Blocks Rising

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DevOps Challenges and Solutions — IT Svit Team’s notes!

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History of SRE: From far 2003 to Plans for 2021 and Beyond

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